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What effect will COVID-19 have on the November 3rd elections?

On today’s Jay Sekulow Live we provided exclusive analysis on the 2020 elections and discussed the silly idea that was posited by the Biden campaign that President Trump was considering postponing the November 3rd election.

President Trump was asked about this idea of postponement at the White House Press briefing the other day. He said in response:

I never even thought of changing the date of the election. Why would I do that? November 3, it's a good number. No, I look forward to that election, and that was just made up propaganda not by him but by some of the many people that are working, writing little segments. I see all of the time statements made you say something, statement made per Joe Biden, Sleepy Joe. He didn't make those statements. Somebody did but they said he made it. No, let him know I am not thinking about it at all. Not at all.

I discussed my book The Next Red Wave, on Sean Spicer’s show on Newsmax, and how grassroots organizing is being affected by COVID-19 and how it could also affect the November 3rd elections. We talked about what we can be doing now and what we should be doing now.

I’m not trying to take away from the seriousness of COVID-19 and the loss of life it has caused, but we are now at the end of April and we’ve got an election for President of the United States in November at a time when you cannot do campaign rallies. You can’t gather together to do neighborhood walks. Grassroots organizing has to look a lot differently and I think one thing we are all learning from this COVID-19 experience is we can begin grassroots organizing right now. From every age group, from the oldest to the youngest, they’re starting to use technology at a level they have not used before to stay connected. I believe that is key right now in this process, even if by August people can actually start real campaign work and go to door to door. We can start organizing right now with the technology we have.

We also discussed how former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made absolutely tasteless remarks during her endorsement of former Vice-President Biden. She actually said:

And then, it needs to be part of a much larger system that eventually, and quickly I hope, gets us to universal healthcare. So, I can only say amen to everything you’re saying, but also to, again, enlist people that ‘this would be a terrible crisis to waste,’ as the old saying goes.

Never let a crisis go to waste? That shows you the game plan of the Left.

You can listen to the entire episode, complete with exclusive analysis of the 2020 elections by myself, my dad Jay Sekulow, and ACLJ Director of Government Affairs Thann Bennett, here.

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