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Major League Baseball has capitulated to the radical Left, cancelling the All-Star Game in Georgia.

Today on Sekulow, we discussed the assault on  Georgia’s new election integrity law. Major League Baseball has bowed down to the radical Left and moved the All-Star Game out of Georgia. Yet the Left’s objections to the law are based on complete fabrications of what is NOT even in the law.

Normally we don’t talk about sports on the broadcast, but this is something that anyone who follows the news has likely seen. It also has a far ranging impact, given the importance of the legislation passed into law by the state of Georgia. Of course, the same week the MLB caves to the radical Left over the Georgia election integrity law, they expand their dealings with China.

A good question to ask is, are the people bashing the Georgia legislation bashing it because they are simply following talking points? President Biden even got ‘Four Pinocchios’ from the Washington Post fact checkers for false statements made about the new law, including saying that the law ended voting hours early. The fact is that no change was made there.

The problem is President Biden and many others are lying about this law. President Biden called it “Jim Crow on steroids”, which it is not. In fact, many blue states have more restrictive voting laws than Georgia.

We were joined by former Secretary of State and ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo, who tweeted out over the weekend:t “Georgia’s laws don’t comport with @MLB ‘values’ but China’s do?” Here’s part of what Secretary Pompeo had to say on the broadcast:

It’s odd to hear the Major League Baseball commissioner say that this is about values when in fact, if he had taken two minutes to read the bill – this was something that Georgia put in place to protect the electoral system and the process. All the stories about food and all this crazy stuff is not consistent with what they really did. I know when people around the world see this, when they watch what we’re doing here in Atlanta to the hardworking people who fill stadiums, who park cars, who do all this good work, all the restaurant and bar owners around the stadium – this is an enormously punitive measure taken to support some woke understanding of a piece of legislation that they only believe exists because the leftwing media told them it did in spite of what’s really in the bill.

The requirement that opponents of the law have the biggest problem with appears to be the requirement for a photo ID card, which is odd because Georgia makes it very easy for residents to get an ID card - FOR FREE. Yet the MLB requires an ID card to pick up tickets from the will call. Delta and some of these other big businesses threatening their faux outrage, require ID cards to conduct business with them. The hypocrisy of the Left is palpable.

The full broadcast is complete with much more discussion and analysis by our team of Georgia’s new election integrity law, the fallout from Major League Baseball’s decision to move the All Star Game, so-called woke corporations attacking the law, and much more. We also had a much longer conversation with former Secretary of State and ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo.

Watch the full broadcast below.

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