We MUST defend the Constitution and the integrity of our elections.

At the ACLJ, we believe that voting is not only your constitutional right, but it is also both a civic and a sacred duty. As Americans, we live in a nation where we have both the right and the responsibility to select our leaders. It is the foundation of our constitutional system of self-governance.

Now we must defend that right.

We often say that elections have consequences, and that is no more true than now.

You cast your ballot; and now, our legal team is already hard at work, preparing to protect the integrity of these critical elections.

We’re dedicated to protecting your constitutional right to vote, and we’re filing in court to protect the integrity of our elections. We were involved in the landmark Bush v. Gore Supreme Court case, and we’re ready to go back to the Supreme Court if necessary.

So take action with us.

Petition To Defend the Constitutional Right To Vote and the Integrity of Elections


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Defend the Constitution and the Integrity of Elections

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