BREAKING: Georgia Secretary of State Warns 8,000 Out of State Voters Ahead of Runoff (Sekulow Recap) | American Center for Law and Justice
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Is the State of Georgia finally waking up to potential abuse of its voting system.

Today on Sekulow, we discussed the news that the Georgia Secretary of State has sent a letter to 8,000 out of state voters that have requested ballots. Some of those ballots could be illegal.

This election is critical and could determine the balance of power in the U.S. Senate. Finally, it seems like Georgia election officials are waking up to the potential for abuse in their system. We had reported last week that they agreed to do a statewide audit of signature matches from absentee ballots. The regular vote counters who have no expertise in signature matching aren’t doing it. They are bringing in an outside party from the University of Georgia, signature matching experts, to make sure these absentee ballots have matching signatures.

Now we have a new development. 8,000 letters were sent to individuals who moved out of Georgia but have requested absentee ballots for the January 5th Senate Runoff Election. The Georgia Secretary of State said that qualified Georgians, and only Georgians, are allowed to vote in the election. There are some exceptions, like military absentee voters and college students, but most college students aren’t away from home right now. He reiterated several times saying that he won’t tolerate illegal votes in Georgia.

The kicker is this comes with a real penalty. This is a message to those leftist groups pushing for people to “move” to Georgia so they can vote. Here’s what Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said:

Let this be a warning to anyone looking to come to Georgia temporarily to cast a ballot in the runoffs or anyone who has established residence in another state but thinks they can game the system: we will find you and we will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.

The penalties for violations are quite extreme and include a fine up to $100,000 and as many as ten years in prison. That is a serious felony offense to try and vote in a state that you are not a citizen of.

What’s interesting is Vice President Biden only won the state by 12,000 votes. We’re talking about the kind of illegal voting that could affect the outcome of the January 5th Senate runoffs. I’m sure this 8,000 number will grow. Pressure needs to be put on the Georgia Secretary of State to continue these types of measures to ensure election integrity.

The full broadcast is complete with much more analysis by our team of the actions that the Georgia Secretary of State is taking to ensure the integrity of the January 5th runoff Senate election.

Watch the full broadcast below.

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