Defend Prayer and Religious Liberty

Prayer is under attack at the Supreme Court.

Angry atheists and anti-Christian extremists have long been abusing the federal court system, rushing to court claiming to be offended by some public display of prayer or exercise of religious liberty.

When a crime spree gripped a local community, a prayer vigil was organized and city officials, police, and chaplains attended the event. Individuals opposed to prayer sued, and a federal court ruled that the public prayer was unconstitutional.

We're appealing to the Supreme Court. Prayer is fundamental. Prayer is constitutional. And anti-Christian radicals have NO RIGHT to bring these suits in the first place.

This case will affect not only public prayer but every attack on religious free expression in the public square. It's a case 35 years in the making.

We've been fighting – and WINNING – these cases for decades. We defeated attempts to shut down churches during the pandemic and helped win a critical prayer case at the Supreme Court earlier this year.

But now we have the biggest opportunity to stop these abhorrent attacks on prayer and religious liberty once and for all at the Supreme Court.

As we take our case to the Supreme Court to protect prayer and religious liberty, take action with us.

Petition To Protect Prayer and Religious Liberty at the Supreme Court