Defend Babies with Disabilities at the Supreme Court

Planned Parenthood is trying to stop laws banning selective abortions for babies with disabilities.

States are passing commonsense pro-life laws outlawing selective abortions – killing babies simply because they may face potential mental or physical disabilities, or because of their race or sex.

No child should be killed because he or she is considered inferior. Yet, that’s what Planned Parenthood is trying to do.

Now Planned Parenthood and the pro-abortion ACLU are suing Indiana and Ohio in federal court to stop these pro-life laws. We’re taking direct action to fight back, filing a critical amicus brief to defend these precious unborn babies from being killed.

We’re fighting in Congress and in multiple federal courts to expose and stop the killing and sale of aborted babies’ body parts.

But we need you to sign on to our brief today.

Committee to Defend Pro-Life Laws and Babies with Disabilities