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Rachel Maddow recently went on a racial rant against Second Circuit Court of Appeals nominee, Steve Menashi.

Today on the broadcast, we discussed Rachel Maddow’s radical rant of attacks and misrepresentations against Steve Menashi and the rise of anti-Semitism that have been recently revealed.

The first two attacks were made by Maddow, and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). CAIR was an unindicted co-conspirator in terrorist cases during the Obama Administration, and even President Obama’s FBI warned against CAIR. Clearly Rachel Maddow is in bad company.

The truth behind these attacks and ones that will come are that the Left opposes anyone who has worked for President Trump. They also hate that Steve Menashi clerked for Justice Alito and has a conservative judicial philosophy.

Most dangerously, CAIR doesn’t like him because he is Jewish and supports Israel and the same goes for Maddow and their Leftist anti-Israel allies like Reps. Omar and Tlaib.

In reality, Steve Menashi has excellent credentials that are above reproach. He went to Stanford University, clerked for a Supreme Court Justice, and held several high ranking positions in the Trump Administration. Of course, the Left hates anything or anyone that is associated with President Trump’s Administration, and now, apparently Israel.

In fact, as I pointed out, perhaps the real headline here should be, simply: “CAIR Demands Trump Withdraw Jewish Nominee.”

What Maddow did was blatantly alter the meaning of a line in a law review article that Menashi wrote and then call him a racist.  In her rant she does not cite much of the law review article and it appears she didn’t even read it.

Menashi’s law review article was in support of Israel and a legal analysis of a functioning democracy. He wrote a defense of Israel, essentially saying that for a democracy to function, it has to have something that unifies the country. Maddow calling him a racist is so wrong it is disturbing. It’s disgusting really.

Steve Menashi is a Jewish American whose father was born in Iran and his grandparents were from Ukraine. He appreciates and embodies ethnic diversity. To say otherwise is a blatant falsehood. ACLJ Director of Policy Harry Hutchison put it bluntly, “The left has now launched another bigoted attack against a Jewish judicial nominee.”

There’s a growing movement on the Left where they are basically one step away from saying anyone to believe in one’s own country can be called a racist when you disagree with them. In this situation, attempting to castigate a well-qualified judicial nominee.

We’re not going to allow the Rachel Maddows and the CAIRs of the world, with their biased and selective indignation, as well as anti-Semitism, to get away with their wrongful characterizations of good conservatives and people of good character.

It is absurd, folks. It is 2019 and we are seeing a rise in ant-Semitism, in this case against a conservative judicial nominee.

If you call everyone a racist who doesn’t agree your politics, then how can real racism be fought?

You can listen to the full episode here.

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