Radio Recap - Election 2020: What Happens Next?


Jordan Sekulow

November 6, 2020

3 min read




What happens next?

On today’s Jay Sekulow Live, we talked about the latest election updates. What happens next and where do we go from here?

That is the question, what happens next. You’re looking at five states with razor thin margins on both sides. There’s legal challenges ongoing and there’s likely to be more.

My dad, Jay Sekulow, gave the following update on Pennsylvania:

The folks in Pennsylvania filed an emergency stay with Justice Alito. And that is focusing on this issue of the irregularities in Pennsylvania and the fact that we don’t even know if the votes were segregated. Allegedly, some counties did not segregate the votes, although it was not an order that they do so. I want to be clear on that. It was guidance. They should have segregated them, but the opinion by Justice Alito for three members of the Court and they just in their briefs that that is what their guidance is. They don’t have the authority to tell the individual election districts what they have to do.

ACLJ Director of Government Affairs Thann Bennett explained:

I see several states that are close enough that you would expect these challenges to continue. Some of them will end up in recounts and some of them will be legal challenges. When any election in any state is this close, no matter who’s ahead or who’s behind, that’s what you would expect. One sort of thought on that, I think all of us benefit from that because our Republic really depends on confidence in elections. I did see a few things on election night that quite frankly, concerned me, and I think everybody of every political stripe benefits from these challenges being played through and from the process being played out.

At the end of the day, the question that matters is are these challenges outcome determinative? We’ll continue to follow this and as always, bring you updates.

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The full broadcast is complete with much more analysis by our team of the latest updates in this still too close to call presidential election.

Watch the full broadcast below.