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We have breaking news. We now know the day, and even the approximate time, when Attorney General Bill Barr will release the much-anticipated Mueller report.

Today on the show, we discussed an announcement from the Department of Justice that the Mueller report  will be released to Congress and to the American people, simultaneously, this coming Thursday morning.

Congress, and particularly the Left, has been clamoring to see the report. Despite the fact that the Attorney General released a four-page summary weeks ago stating that his conclusion was simple: there was NO COLLUSION.

As I asked our audience, is reading the report important to you? Do you expect it to have some huge impact on America?

Or were you satisfied with the AG’s summary which supported what we, and the President, said all along, that there was no collusion with Russia? Or will you simply wait to hear from your trusted news sources?

We told you that AG Barr said he expected the redacted report to come out at some point this week. Now it has been confirmed it will be released later in the week, when many Americans will be preparing for the holiday weekend, with the next day being Good Friday and Sunday being Easter.

Some Congressional offices won’t even be open on Friday, and many mainstream media shows don’t usually air live programming on Easter Sunday. Although we still expect some key Democrat voices, such as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Speak of the House Nancy Pelosi, to release statements they’ve most likely already had prepared regarding the report as soon as it is released.

It’s our recommendation to those critics of the President to actually read the report for themselves before listening to preconveived conclusions.

You can listen to the entire episode here.

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