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The anti-Israel protests on college campuses are out of control.

Violence, calls for genocide against Israel, unabashed support for Hamas' barbarity – it's un-American. These vile protestors are spreading antisemitic hate – calling for the death of Jewish students and anyone who supports Israel.

Yet Ivy League schools, major universities, and the Biden Administration are barely lifting a finger to stop it.

Now we know why. Biden's biggest donors – George Soros, Bill Gates, and other radical Left agitators – are funding these pro-Hamas protests. They are funding Hamas' genocidal propaganda at a time when Israel needs our support the most.

At the ACLJ, we are aggressively fighting back. We're mobilizing our Jerusalem office, fighting on Capitol Hill, sending demand letters to these colleges (including Columbia, Harvard, UCLA, UC San Diego, USC, and Michigan), and filing FOIA lawsuits against the Biden Administration over anti-Israel State Department funding.

We are also sending critical demand letters to the Biden Department of Education and DOJ demanding that they uphold the law and stop allowing these violent protests to torment Jewish and Christian students who support Israel.

Take urgent action with us today.

Petition To Stop the Vile Pro-Hamas Protests on College Campuses and Defend Jewish and Christian Students Who Support Israel

Stop the Vile Pro-Hamas Protests on Campus

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