Iran is about to execute a Jewish man in a targeted miscarriage of justice.

A young Jewish man, Arvin Ghahremani, was sentenced to execution in Iran after defending himself in a knife assault by Muslim attackers.

Arvin was kind enough to lend a Muslim man some money. But the man and six other Muslims ambushed and stabbed him. Arvin successfully fought back and disarmed his assailant before fatally stabbing him.

Arvin was later convicted of being an “accomplice to the intentional murder of a Muslim.” He was then sentenced to death on a Friday and expected to be executed the following Monday in a rushed execution.

We immediately submitted an emergency filing at the U.N. to stop the malicious execution of this innocent Jewish man and overturn this miscarriage of justice. Since our U.N. filing, Arvin’s execution has been temporarily postponed, but his family is still pleading for his life. We’re taking further legal action to save him, and we need your help. We’ve helped overturn death sentences in Iran before. We must show Iran that the world is watching and its atrocities must stop. Do not let Iran execute this innocent Jewish man.

Every signature makes an impact. Sign our urgent petition today before it’s too late.

Save Arvin Ghahremani From Being Executed by Iran for Being Jewish


Stop Iran From Executing Jewish Man

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