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Stop Obama’s Dangerous Agenda




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Stopping President Obama’s Dangerous Agenda

President Obama is trying to re-shape America. He is forcing Americans to purchase pro-abortion health insurance under penalty of law. He has ignored the Founder's framework and issued a stinging warning to an independent Supreme Court, and he has directed the IRS to threaten conservative Tea Party groups with unconstitutional and politically charged questions.

This is a radical assault on our values.

The ACLJ is engaged in multiple legal and legislative fights to stop these policies that are in direct opposition to our values. Show your support for this fight and our Constitution by joining our committee today.

Committee to Protect America's Constitution

To: President Obama, Speaker Boehner, Senator Reid

President Obama’s vision of America is obscured and represents a dangerous threat to the Judeo-Christian values that have been the cornerstone of our republic. We are opposed to paying for abortions; we are opposed to a government take-over of health care. More importantly we support our constitutionally protected religious liberty and free speech rights.

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