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Congress may have returned yesterday, but they did little more than gavel in and gavel out.

On today’s broadcast, we discussed the President’s reaction to Congress’ inability to approve a border security deal and his threat to completely shut down our southern border.

As we worried might happen, House Democrats stalled, assisted by the inaction of weaker Republicans. Congress is kicking this can further down the road into January, when the Democrats take control of the House, led by presumptive Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

In response, President Trump threatened to close the entire southern U.S. border with Mexico, which would cut off ALL travel between our countries, including trade.

Closing down the border, while a tough move, might be the only one that will effectively shake Congress into action. Shutting the border would cut off trade, placing pressure on the Mexican government to encourage U.S. lawmakers to come up with a rational policy.

Folks, despite what some on the Left are claiming, this is not just about building the wall. This $5.7 billion is also about increased border patrols and training to enable officers to properly deal with immigrants – legal or otherwise – trying to enter the United States.

The President’s authority is clear. He has the power to do this.

On the show I put it directly to our audience: do you support the President if he does shut down the southern border with Mexico?

The answer we received seemed to be overwhelmingly “yes.”

You can listen to the entire episode here.

Secure the Border. Build the Wall.

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