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"Through The Years" is an original song by the Jay Sekulow Band.

This song is like most of JSB's originals in the fact that it starts around a narrative, case or some specific ideal that Jay Sekulow and the ACLJ embody. In this case, it was to focus on the fact that Christ is our true King and leader, no matter what the outcome of an election or world event represents. As Creator of heaven and earth we are surrounded by evidence of who He is. Under that perfect and unwavering leadership, we are called to love and serve others in His name and share the truth of His gospel.

We are to keep our eyes and hearts fixed on Him and His word and He will lead us through this life with a peace that only comes in that relationship.

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The ACLJ has been named as the top organization for “Positive Cultural Change in the U.S.” in a recent survey. The survey of politically engaged Christians across the U.S. conducted by the American Culture & Faith Institute asked respondents “to identify the organizations they believed to have been...

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Renowned pediatric neurosurgeon and former presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson was confirmed on March 2nd as the nation’s 17th Secretary of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). After an undue delay in the Senate’s vote on Dr. Carson, only 6 out of 46 Democrats...

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