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The ACLJ Launches New “ACLJ Official” Instagram Page

By ACLJ.org1538667569749

We’re expanding our reach across every platform to defend freedom and religious liberty all over the world.

Now we’ve taken our stories to Instagram.

As technology continues to evolve every day, we must find more ways to tell the stories of persecuted Christians and to share the work the ACLJ is doing to defend conservative values and religious freedoms here at home and abroad.

Instagram now reports a BILLION users every month, and at least 500 Million users every day.

That’s 500 million people who could be seeing stories like the heartbreaking persecution of Christians in Nigeria, Pakistan, and the Middle East, or the struggles of wrongfully imprisoned Christians like Asia Bibi or Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani.

It’s a massive platform to share our work to defend our greatest ally Israel from attacks by both terrorists and anti-Semitic agencies within the United Nations.

We could open the eyes of a billion people to the subversive activities of the Deep State and Big Abortion as they attempt to trample the Constitution, defeat conservative policies, and destroy life.

Imagine the impact that we could have if even a fraction of them not only followed us on Instagram, but then took action with us to intervene in these cases.

On other social media platforms, it’s easy for posts to get lost in the shuffle as the mediums can choose and even manipulate what your followers see and don’t see.

The new ACLJ Instagram page will present you visually stunning photos with easy to follow facts, stats, and information that you can in turn share with your own followers.

Now we need YOU. Your support on every media platform is critical to our success.

Follow ACLJ Official on Instagram, and share our posts with your followers there and on Twitter and Facebook. The more people that see our posts, the more we can accomplish and broaden our advocacy efforts at home and around the world.

Follow ACLJ Official on Instagram.

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