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Some really good news right out of the gate today as America’s unemployment numbers hit a record low.

Today on the show, we discussed a variety of topics as we do every Friday, but leading the show was the news that the unemployment rate has dipped dramatically to 3.6% – the lowest it’s been in America in 50 years.

You heard me read off some impressive numbers that bear repeating. At least 263,000 jobs were added in the month of April alone. Over 2 million jobs were created last year, including 250,000 jobs in new construction projects, and 250,000 jobs in mining and manufacturing.

In addition, the country saw a 3.2% increase in wages. Curiously, former Vice President and current Presidential hopeful Joe Biden just claimed wages in the United States were stagnant. Not sure where he’s getting his numbers, but we certainly don’t want to go back to his so-called “good old days” under the Obama administration. 

In sharp contrast to the radical Left’s socialist Green New Deal, President Trump’s economic agenda is working, strengthening America and adding jobs, rather than adding more unnecessary regulation and increasing taxes.

And while the Left accuses President Trump of being a divider, especially among minorities, the unemployment rate among African Americans and Latinos and women have also reached historic lows.

We all agreed that it appears President Trump’s economic efforts have proven good for ALL hard-working Americans.  The only people who could possibly disagree would be those looking to oppose him in 2020.

You can listen to the entire episode here.

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