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Keep America Great. That’s the slogan President Trump unveiled last night before a packed Orlando arena where he delivered a message to Democrats: “We’re not going back.” 

Today on the show, we discussed the President officially announcing his campaign for reelection in 2020. The President’s speech brought back familiar themes from his 2016 campaign but also highlighted the accomplishments his administration has achieved, despite attempts by the Left to derail him.

“I have news for Democrats who want to return us to the bitter failures and betrayals of the past. We are not going back. We’re going on to victory.”

The President also reiterated the statement he made at his State of the Union Address, stating: “America will never be a socialist country.”

It’s sad that it even needs to be said in 2019, but many Democrats running for their party’s nomination are running on Socialist agendas like the Green New Deal and Medicare for All.  We agreed that the President will need to remind the American people of that, because as Col. Wes Smith pointed out, the average American does not want more government interference in their lives.

Some Democratsseem to see the socialist writing on the wall within their own party, but are trying to carefully avoid  using the term “socialism” knowing it could very well backfire on them.

The President did not shy away from the Mueller report and the Democrats' “witch hunt” to connect his campaign to Russia either, pointing out their expensive probe produced exactly what he’d always said, nothing.

“They appointed 18 very angry Democrats to try to take down our incredible movement. After 2 years, 1.4 million pages of documents, 500 search warrants, 500 witnesses, 2,800 subpoenas, and 40 FBI agents working around the clock, what did they come up with? No collusion . . . no obstruction. And they spent $40 million dollars on this witch hunt.” 

The President is correct. Democrats are angry and will not concede defeat. The Mueller report didn’t work out for them. It proved no collusion, so now they want, as he put it, a do-over.

“Many times I said we would drain the swamp. And that’s exactly what we’re doing right now. We’re draining the swamp. And that’s why the swamp is fighting back so viciously and violently. For the last two and a half years we have been under siege. And with the Mueller report we won, and now they want a do-over.”

Sorry the truth didn’t work out in your favor, Democrats, but it’s over. The President  won. No collusion.

We also updated you on the story we told you about yesterday, after Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) ignorantly compared the United States and our southern border to Nazi Concentration Camps. Republicans have been trying to send humanitarian aid – not even connected to the wall –  to the border, but until now  Democrats have been unwilling to cooperate. There has now been a quick change in the Senate Appropriations Committee. Suddenly last night, Republicans and Democrats reached an agreement to send $4.5 billion dollars to the border for aid.

Apparently, Democrats realized they probably shouldn’t describe the border as a “concentration camp” when they’re the ones blocking the necessary aid to help. It’s nice to see something positive come out of AOC’s offensive comments, but it’s a shame that’s what it took to get Democrats to do the right thing.

You can listen to the entire episode here.

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