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The Democrats are throwing punches at their own. Since announcing his candidacy, former Vice President Joe Biden has been the frontrunner for the Democrat’s Presidential bid, but now he’s coming under attack from his own party.

Today on the show, we discussed how Joe Biden’s lead in the campaign is already starting to slide, as Democrats like newcomer Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, and other candidates such as Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren continue to take shots at him.

Biden’s lead is slipping. He’s gone from a 19 point lead to 14 points. Biden’s problem, as far as some of his more radical fellow Democrats see it, is he’s too “middle of the road.” He’s presented his own more moderate version of the Green New Deal, and called dealing with climate change a key issue of his campaign. 

Sen. Warren took a thinly veiled swipe at Biden without necessarily naming him, at an event for the California Democratic Party, where she said:

"Some Democrats in Washington believe the only changes we can get are tweaks and nudges,’’ said the Massachusetts senator. “If they dream at all, they dream small. Some say if we’d all just calm down, the Republicans will come to their senses. But our country is in a time of crisis. The time for small ideas is over.”

Bernie Sanders pounded his podium in response to Biden, saying “There is no middle ground.” Sanders also doubled-down on his belief that abortion is a constitutional right. Which it is not.  

Biden is also trying to play both sides of the abortion industry. When asked about the Hyde Amendment – a legislative provision he supported barring the use of federal funds to pay for abortion except to save the life of the woman, or if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest – Biden stated “It can’t stay.”

Shortly after, the Biden campaign said that Biden still supports the Hyde Amendment and that he misunderstood the question. He claims he thought he was asked about the Mexico City rule which prohibits federal aid money from going to organizations that perform or recommend abortions overseas.

Which by the way, we pointed out still doesn’t make sense. Biden supports blocking federal funds from paying for abortions here, but it’s okay to use our tax money to pay for abortions overseas?

And it’s not just Biden getting attacked by his own. Lesser-known candidate and fellow Democrat John Hickenlooper was nearly booed off stage when he appeared before California’s Democratic Convention and said “Socialism is not the answer.”

At the same convention, candidate John Delaney was also met with thunderous boos when he dared to propose the notion that: "Medicare for all may sound good but it's actually not good policy nor is it good politics."

In response, freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sent a snarky message to John Delaney via Twitter, telling him to “please sashay away.”

You can listen to the entire episode here.

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