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Jay Sekulow’s Address at U.N. Trending

By ACLJ.org1465228821476

Over the weekend and Monday morning, ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow was trending on Facebook for his advocacy last week against the diabolically anti-Israel BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement)

Just as he did in his historic address at the United Nations in New York City last week, Jay's Fox News op-ed that revealed the true purpose of the BDS movement – to eliminate Israel – has been trending for more than 48 hours.

This is a vital part of our multi-pronged advocacy strategy, and the success couldn't happen without you. Because you signed and shared our petition, we were able to have a large platform of support. Because you shared Jay's speech and op-eds, we were trending on social media and more people knew the truth.

And because of our international legal work leading the fight against the BDS movement, we are already seeing results, as the State of New York is implementing one of the key proposals we presented at the U.N.

These are some very important victories in the fight to shine a light on the truth about the BDS movement.  We will continue to use legal and legislative means to defeat it.

The ACLJ has fought against the BDS movement and won, but we must continue the fight. Israel, the Jewish People, and Christians who support Israel – especially in the U.S. – need us now more than ever before.

We must end vicious anti-Israel discrimination that seeks to undermine the legitimacy of our ally, the State of Israel.

Continue to SHARE this fight on Facebook (with the buttons to the left) and watch Jay Sekulow’s impassioned speech at the U.N. below.

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