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UN Must Not Violate US Election Law 1351868868000

United Nations observers are intent upon monitoring our election even planning to show up at polling locations in swing states.  Several states are standing up demanding that UN "monitors" not violate state election laws or be arrested. Today, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott joins the program to discuss why we must stop the UN "monitors" and voter intimidation.


Pres Obama Downplays Terrorism Threat


1481130000000 President Obama downplays the threat of terrorism in the U.S. We discuss this and more on today's program.

Fight for Israel at the UN


1481043600000 The Obama Administration is threatening the security of Israel. We discuss this and more today on the program.

Election Challenge Launched


1480957200000 Leftist agitators have launched an unprecedented election challenge. We just soundly defeated their attempt to undermine the election process in Pennsylvania state court, forcing them to dismiss...

Gen Mattis: Top Choice for Sec of Def


1480698000000 President-Elect Trump has selected General James Mattis as his top choice for Secretary of Defense. We discuss this and more on today's program.