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The ACLJ is in week 3 of a trial involving Planned Parenthood. Earlier this week, a Planned Parenthood abortionist testified under oath that they had stated they wanted a Lamborghini in exchange for babies’ body parts. On today’s Jay Sekulow Live , we discussed the updates regarding the trial involving Planned Parenthood and also touched on the ridiculous new additions to the U.N. Human Rights Council. The Planned Parenthood abortionist claimed that the statement about wanting a Lamborghini was... read more

The American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ) represents Wayne and Bonnie Anderson, who live in The Villages, Florida. In their yard, the Andersons have placed a small, white cross as an expression of their religious speech and beliefs, and a colorful parrot as a decorative ornament. The cross and parrot are the only two items the Andersons display in their yard. The cross is small, just 12 inches tall, but it has become a target of censorship in The Villages. According to the Community... read more

The Democrats keep moving the goalposts on impeachment. Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff are driving that train. On today’s Jay Sekulow Live , we discussed how the Democrats are moving the goalposts on impeachment. When one issue or another that they are clinging to is exposed, they move on to something else. Nancy Pelosi won’t even call for a floor vote . First, it was the Mueller Report and nothing was found. There was no collusion. Then there was this “whistleblower” who we are not hearing... read more

A Planned Parenthood abortionist was just forced to admit under oath in our trial that she did in fact say, “I want[] a Lamborghini,” in relation to “what I would receive in compensation” for “fetal tissue” procurement – i.e. aborted babies’ body parts. We recently told you how, despite their legal efforts to keep certain evidence out of court, Planned Parenthood’s own legal team has opened the door, and disturbing evidence continues to mount. Now, a Planned Parenthood abortionist is “prying” read more

Last night was the fourth Democrat Presidential Debate. On today’s show we discussed the Democrat debate fallout, Elizabeth Warren’s frontrunner status, and the Democrat Party’s obsession with abortion. Everyone is saying that Elizabeth Warren is the frontrunner and the winner in this. I think that’s accurate, as she certainly sustained the most attacks from the other candidates. Bernie Sanders looked strong, especially for a guy who has been through a heart attack and had heart surgery. I... read more

Nigerian Christians face persecution all the time. They are ripped away from their families and killed. Their lives are truly in peril every day. We’ve been sharing with you the story of Leah Sharibu, a Christian teen kidnapped by Boko Haram. She was one of 110 Nigerian girls kidnapped in February 2018. Five of those children are dead and 104 were set free. Leah is the only one who remains in captivity because she refuses to deny her faith in Christ. We are advocating aggressively before the... read more

The fourth Democrat Presidential debate takes place tonight in Westerville, Ohio at Otterbein University and there are questions the candidates NEED to answer. On today’s Jay Sekulow Live we previewed the Democrat Presidential debate that will be moderated by CNN anchors Erin Burnett and Anderson Cooper as well at New York Times national editor Marc Lacey. What questions get asked tonight? Is this going to be the debate where they get into. The impeachment issues? Will it be the debate where... read more

In our lawsuit against Planned Parenthood , more troubling information has been revealed in the testimony of both a defendant and a Planned Parenthood abortionist. One of the defendants was asked to read an email received from one of the investigative journalists soon after a meeting with senior Planned Parenthood officials. The email was admitted into evidence and read directly to the jury. The contents of the email regarding Planned Parenthood’s practices are particularly disturbing. The... read more

It’s outrageous. Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee “Shifty” Adam Schiff now says that whistleblower testimony is NOT NEEDED to impeach the President. On today’s Jay Sekulow Live we discussed Rep. Adam Schiff’s comments on Face the Nation stating the whistleblower does not need to testify to impeach the President. This so-called impeachment inquiry is getting to the level of absurdity. Here’s what Chairman Schiff said to Margaret Brennan, on Face the Nation : “Given that we already... read more

Recently, a federal court judge in the Eastern District of Virginia handed down a mixed ruling in the Falls Church Medical Center, LLC v. M. Norman Oliver, Virginia Commissioner case. In his ruling , U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson struck down two laws that protected children in the womb and women, while upholding two other pro-life laws in Virginia and dismissing the pro-abortion plaintiffs’ other claims. The dangerous news for Virginia women is that the judge struck down the requirement that... read more