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Defeating Obama Administration Lawlessness – Donations Doubled

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We’re directly taking on Obama Administration abuse and lawlessness in federal appeals courts across America.

We’re engaged in the largest lawsuit of its kind to stop IRS abuse, and we’re preparing to file our fourth critical amicus brief to defeat President Obama’s Executive overreach on immigration.

Join the fight with your tax-deductible donation today and it will be doubled through our Matching Challenge.

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Skeptical of Obama’s Overreach

By ACLJ.org1429915326666

One week ago, a three-judge panel of the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit heard oral arguments on whether to preserve the lower court’s preliminary injunction against President Obama’s unconstitutional Executive overreach on immigration. In an effort to circumvent the lower court’s injunction...

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Your Voice Will Be Heard

By ACLJ.org1427295617000

In an important development in our fight against President Obama’s lawless immigration actions, the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit granted our motion to file an amicus brief on behalf of Texas Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz and on behalf of Representatives Bob Goodlatte, Chairman of the...

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Back to Court to Defeat Lawlessness

By Jay Sekulow1426708398693

We are back in court – submitting a critical amicus brief – taking direct action to defend our Constitution from President Obama’s Executive overreach To protect its unconstitutional Executive action, the Obama Administration has filed an emergency motion asking the U.S. Court of Appeals for the...

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Defeat Obama’s Lawless Executive Action

By Jay Sekulow1425490057305

We have just filed a second critical amicus brief against President Obama’s unconstitutional Executive action on immigration. Recently, a federal district court correctly concluded that President Obama “is not just rewriting the laws, he is creating them from scratch.” It agreed with our first...

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