Radio Recap: Slidin’ Joe Biden: Damaging New Info Revealed, Dropping in Polls | American Center for Law and Justice
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Though still the Democrat’s front runner for now, Joe Biden’s poll numbers are beginning to plummet as revelations about his record on race relations comes to light, while contenders Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren’s numbers rise.

On today’s show, we discussed news about former Vice President Joe Biden’s opposition to a federal regulation requiring bussing as a way to integrate black students into traditionally white schools. 

Kamala Harris called Biden out on his opposition to busing – something Harris said she directly participated in and benefited from as a child. Her attacks on Biden have helped her surge ahead in the crowded campaign.

A letter has been revealed that was written by Joe Biden in 1977 to Senator James Eastland, a known segregationist,  thanking Eastland for helping with his “anti-busing” legislation.

Even the mainstream media is reporting that Biden’s numbers are slipping while Harris and Elizabeth Warren are both rising after the DNC debates. Biden isn’t the only one dropping in the polls. Bernie Sanders and newcomer Mayor Pete Buttigieg have seen their numbers either flatline or go down.

Their only hope may be that now, as Kamala Harris clearly took that first round of debates, she will be the target of every other candidate, and they will be digging deep into her controversial record as a prosecutor.

Biden however, has run for President three times now, but has never come close to going the distance. As I mentioned, Biden never seems to get past Iowa. That seemingly weak debate appearance against Kamala Harris, coupled with his damaging record on busing and segregation may prove that Biden’s third try is not the charm.

You can listen to the full episode here.

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