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After last night’s debate, the message from the Democrat presidential candidates to conservative Americans is clear: “You’re racist. We’ll take your guns. And we’ll also take more of your money.”

On today’s show, we discussed last night’s third debate among the surviving ten Democrats vying to be their party’s presidential candidate.

The takeaways last night were that they labeled us racist, and they are going to take our guns away. But although we’re all considered racist for being conservatives, they’ll happily take even more of our hard-earned money away by increasing our taxes.

According to Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Americans who support President Trump are racists. When asked bluntly if he believes anyone that supports President Trump and his immigration policies is a racist, Buttigieg stated: “Anyone who supports this, is supporting racism.”

So apparently if you’re against letting illegal immigrants - and particularly the drug cartels, gang members, and sex traffickers - just walk into our country without any kind of vetting or registration, well sorry, but you’re a racist.

According to Mayor Pete, if we want common sense immigration laws that protect all Americans, including legal immigrants, we’re all racist. It’s disgusting. Not to mention, Mayor Pete just called nearly 60% of the residents in his home state racist as well, because they voted for President Trump. That should go over well for him.

And then Beto O’Rourke let everyone know in his typically vulgar style and in no uncertain terms that his plan is indeed to take your guns away:

"[Expletive] yes, we're going to take your AR-15, your AK-47."

This is the man who thinks he should represent our country to the world. If you are a gun owner, O’Rourke is saying if elected, he will take your guns away from you – guns you are constitutionally allowed to own. The good news is Beto is in the single digits right now, so his threat probably isn’t worth worrying about.

As Thann Bennett, our Director of Legislative Affairs, pointed out, it’s a platform not rooted in reality, but based on fear-mongering.

And of course, Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Senator Amy Klobuchar reminded us all how they will raise taxes, dismantle your current insurance plan, and make you pay for it all. They all want you to believe you’ll pay less under socialist plans like “Medicare for All” because premiums or costs for services may go down. But rest assured your taxes will go up, and you will pay for everyone else’s healthcare whether you get sick or not. 

I personally don’t think much was changed after the debate. Although we all agreed the clear winner last night was Sen. Elizabeth Warren. For all their attacks on each other, none of the other candidates would touch Warren. And she is the one currently rising in the polls. It almost felt like the others were afraid of upsetting the Democrat base by attacking Warren.

At the end of the day Biden is still standing, although for how long, it’s hard to say. Sen. Warren moved forward and much closer to the lead. And Bernie Sanders solidified himself in third place, but it doesn’t look like he’ll go much further.

The rest of the candidates just got left far behind.

You can listen to the entire episode here.

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