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Leftist extremism takes center stage at the first night of the Democratic National Debate.

Today on the show we discussed last night’s first round of debates between candidates vying to be the Democrat’s Presidential nominee.

We heard a lot of familiar talking points like voodoo economics from the likes of extreme leftists like self-proclaimed socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who want to give away free healthcare to everyone but can’t explain how they’ll pay for it. We know how they’ll pay for it – by raising taxes on working families.

They like to trumpet the medical system in Canada, but they don’t tell you how Canada rations out healthcare. If you need an MRI, for example, under the government plan you could be forced to wait months.

Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper said towards Sanders, “you can’t just spring a plan on the world and expect it work.” Hickenlooper almost sounded like a voice of reason, stating that Bernie Sanders is far too extreme for the American people and the Green New Deal and Medicare for All just won’t work. But that might be what drums him out of the running.

There’s a real split between Democrats. The enthusiasm among seems to be on the hard Left, the extreme socialist side, and it’s making the moderate Democrats come across as conservatives. Many of them won’t survive this round. Jordan predicted as many as six candidates won’t progress to the next DNC debate after last night’s performance.

We also updated you on a lawsuit filed by the DNC against President Trump that a federal judge just tossed out, stating the DNC’s claims were “completely divorced” from the facts. The judge wrote an 81-page opinion telling the Democrats they were way off base with this suit and dismissed it with prejudice.

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