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Francis J. Manion

Francis J. Manion is Senior Counsel with the ACLJ who emphasizes First Amendment law and pro-life legal matters before state and federal courts. A 1980 graduate of Seton Hall School of Law, Manion honed his litigation skills with more than 15 years of experience as a trial attorney in private law firms where he served as trial counsel on behalf of pro-life demonstrators. He joined the ACLJ in 1996 and emphasizes protecting constitutional rights in the public school, the work environment, and the public arena. Manion also emphasizes defending the public displays of the Ten Commandments and other historic displays that are part of our nation’s heritage. He also focuses on safeguarding the rights of medical personnel who are often required by employers to violate their consciences and religious beliefs by participating in pregnancy-ending procedures.

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Francis J. Manion

In The Wake Of Hobby Lobby

By Francis J. Manion1404237835000

In the wake of yesterday’s blockbuster Hobby Lobby decision striking down the HHS Mandate, today the Supreme Court granted our petition for review in the case of Gilardi, v. HHS , and denied the government’s petition in our case of Korte v. HHS . In Gilardi , the Court vacated the decision of the...

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Demanding Truth from Abortion Industry

By Francis J. Manion1398184441000

This past Friday - Good Friday - I was in court in Baltimore, Maryland arguing against that state's attempt to shield from public scrutiny the identities of the owners, operators, and medical directors of Maryland's twenty or so abortion businesses. Our client, Andrew Glenn, made a straightforward...

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JFK and the America We Have Lost

By Francis J. Manion1384806939000

This week, those of us who are old enough to remember that dreadful November 22nd in Dallas a half-century ago, find ourselves awash in nostalgia for a more innocent time in our own and the Nation’s life. We get that catch in the throat at the poignant images of Camelot served up in a dozen...

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"War on Women" Run By -- Women?

By Francis J. Manion1384453595000

Imagine that while perusing a volume about the French and Indian War, that sideshow of the Seven Years’ War pitting England against France for the domination of North America, you discovered that the leaders of the English side all had names like Montcalm, Duquesne, or L'Evesque, instead of good,

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Francis J. Manion

We Agree With the New York Times

By Francis J. Manion1383940397000

Key Questions Unresolved in HHS Lawsuit

By Francis J. Manion1383332862000

Frank O’Brien Gets His Day In Court

By Francis J. Manion1383061214000

ACLJ Presents HHS Mandate Appeal

By Francis J. Manion1380134393000