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US Constitution

Fireworks on Fourth of July
Filed in: US Constitution | 8:00 AM Jul. 4, 2014

Defending Liberty as We Celebrate Independence Day

Today we celebrate our Independence, but there is much left to be done in the fight for freedom both here in America and around the globe. Today how y

Supreme Court in Washington
Filed in: US Constitution | 9:02 AM Jun. 30, 2014

HHS Mandated Decided and Meriam Update

Today the abortion pill mandate is decided by the Supreme Court and the latest update on Meriam's fight for freedom.

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The Constitution for the United States of America

Content type: DocketBlogPost | 1:31 PM Sep. 18, 2014
“We the People” is an Everyday Celebration of Liberty

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Po


Content type: DocketBlogPost | 11:23 AM Sep. 11, 2014
9/11: A Day of Remembrance

Thirteen years ago today, jihadists attacked America - bringing unimaginable horror and pain to the homeland. On this anniversary of the attacks of September 11th, our prayers are with all who lost loved ones that fateful day. As a nation we must n

Attorney General Eric Holder

Content type: DocketBlogPost | 2:10 PM Aug. 8, 2014
The IRS Surrenders to Angry Atheists: Was the Fix In?

In John Fund and Hans von Spakovsky’s excellent new book, Obama’s Enforcer: Eric Holder’s Justice Department (I reviewed it here), they outline a disturbing DOJ/EPA racket called “sue and settle.” The racket is simple, u

U.S. President Barack Obama delivers remarks at the White House in Washington on reforming the health care system to reduce costs

Content type: DocketBlogPost | 1:58 PM Jul. 25, 2014
How the Obama Administration’s Lawlessness Will Challenge the Next Conservative President

As we’re entering the twilight years of the Obama administration, it’s time to begin thinking about the long-term effects of his “pen and phone” presidency, effects that will linger well after the next conservative president i

Barak Obama

Content type: DocketBlogPost | 9:06 AM Jul. 21, 2014
IRS, Benghazi, Fast & Furious: Will We Ever Know the Truth About Obama Administration Scandals?

President Obama’s new spokesman, Josh Earnest, recently declared – with a straight face – that the Obama Administration was, in fact, the most transparent administration in history. Really? Even the very liberal Huffington Post we

July 4th Independence Day

Content type: DocketBlogPost | 12:43 PM Jul. 3, 2014
Celebrating Independence Day Means Vigilantly Guarding Our Freedom

This Independence Day we celebrate the 238th birthday of America. Like no other nation in the history of the world, America was founded on liberty. In fact, our First Freedom’s underscore the bedrock of our Constitution and Bill of Rights: the

Supreme Court in Washington

Content type: RadioShow | 9:02 AM Jun. 30, 2014
HHS Mandated Decided and Meriam Update

Today the abortion pill mandate is decided by the Supreme Court and the latest update on Meriam's fight for freedom.

President Barak Obama

Content type: DocketBlogPost | 1:09 PM Jun. 26, 2014
The Obama Administration's No Good, Very Bad Day at the Supreme Court

Two decisions. Two unanimous Obama administration defeats. Two cases where years of leftist sophistry were undone by short paragraphs of basic constitutional common sense. First, in NLRB v. Canning, the Supreme Court answered a simple question &mdash

Supreme Court in Washington

Content type: DocketBlogPost | 10:44 AM Jun. 26, 2014
A Day of Victory at the Supreme Court

This morning, the Supreme Court announced two unanimous decisions, both of them defeats for the Obama Administration and victories for the Constitution. In the first, Canning v. NLRB, the Supreme Court struck down President Obama’s “rece