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Trails of smoke are seen after launch of rockets from northern Gaza Strip

Filed in: Radical Islam | by Jay Sekulow | 10:20 AM Jul. 9, 2014
Hamas Rockets Target Israeli Civilians

Hamas terrorists are once again targeting Israeli civilians as other jihadists target Christians in the Middle East. Today, former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Danny Ayalon joins the program to discuss the danger building in the Middle East.

ISIL troops fire weapons

Filed in: Radical Islam | by Jay Sekulow | 10:49 AM Jul. 8, 2014
Jihadists Increase Persecution of Christians

Christians face increasing persecution in the Middle East as Jihadists burn churches and kill people for their faith. Today, why we must take action for the persecuted Church.

Christian boy Cairo

Filed in: Radical Islam | by Jay Sekulow | 10:29 AM Jul. 7, 2014
Christians Crucified in the Middle East?

Christians are reportedly being crucified in the Middle East. Today, how you can take a stand in defense of persecuted Christians across the globe.

Fireworks on Fourth of July
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Filed in: US Constitution | by Jay Sekulow | 8:00 AM Jul. 4, 2014
Defending Liberty as We Celebrate Independence Day

Today we celebrate our Independence, but there is much left to be done in the fight for freedom both here in America and around the globe. Today how you can stand with the ACLJ in this fight.

The shadows of Palestinian children are cast against a wall as they play with a ball in front of an anti-Israel mural in Gaza City
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Filed in: Radical Islam | by Jay Sekulow | 8:00 AM Jul. 3, 2014
Stop Funding Jihadists who Terrorize Israel

Israel is under attack. Hamas terrorist continue to terrorize, killing Israeli and American children, while still receiving millions of dollars in U.S. taxpayer dollars. Today, how you can stand against terrorism and defend Israel.

Muslim Brotherhood Hamas Militants

Filed in: Radical Islam | by Jay Sekulow | 8:00 AM Jul. 2, 2014
Will We Allow Hamas to Terrorize Freely?

Hamas has killed Israeli and American teens. Today, why we cannot continue to fund terrorists and make deals with jihadists.

Palestinian Hamas militants attend a news conference in Gaza City

Filed in: Radical Islam | by Jay Sekulow | 10:02 AM Jul. 1, 2014
Hamas Kills American Teen; What Will We Do?

Hamas terrorists have reportedly killed three teenagers, one of them an American, and the Obama Administration does nothing but talk. Today, why we must stop funding jihadists.

Supreme Court in Washington

Filed in: US Constitution | by Jay Sekulow | 9:02 AM Jun. 30, 2014
HHS Mandated Decided and Meriam Update

Today the abortion pill mandate is decided by the Supreme Court and the latest update on Meriam's fight for freedom.


Filed in: Sharia Law | by Jay Sekulow | 10:54 AM Jun. 27, 2014
Meriam and Her American Family Not Free to Leave

Meriam and her American family have been released on bail but are not free to leave Sudan. Today how you can demand the Obama Administration take action to free them.

Supreme Court in Washington

Filed in: US Constitution | by Jay Sekulow | 10:16 AM Jun. 26, 2014
Major Supreme Court Victories & Fighting for Meriam

The Supreme Court has unanimously struck down President Obama's non-recess appointments and an unconstitutional law targeting pro-life speech. Also, the latest on the fight to save Meriam Ibrahim and her American family.