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General Mattis is Top Choice for Secretary of Defense


FBI Refuses to Label Attack Terrorism


1480611600000 The FBI refuses to label the recent university attack as "terrorism." We discuss this and more on today's broadcast.

Trump Cuts Deal to Save Jobs


1480525200000 President Elect Trump is already working hard to save jobs. We discuss this and much more today on the program. Today is our November Matching Challenge Deadline. All Tax-Deductible Gifts will be...

Legal Demand to PA Election Commission


1480438800000 The ACLJ is sending a legal demand letter to the PA election commission: No shenanigans. This and more on today's program.

Campaigns Throw a Recount Hail Mary


1480352400000 The Green and Democratic parties are calling for a recount in key states. We discuss this and more today on the program.

ACLJ Lays Out An Agenda for the Future


1480093200000 The team at the ACLJ has laid out an agenda for the future. Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow discusses this and more today on the program.

Happy Thanksgiving From the ACLJ


1480006800000 Happy Thanksgiving from the team at the ACLJ.

What To Expect in the First 100 Days


1479920400000 What should we expect in the first 100 days of President-Elect Trump's tenure. This and more on today's program.