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Muslim Brotherhood Hamas Militants

Filed in: Israel | by Jay Sekulow | 10:24 AM Apr. 28, 2014
Terrorists, Extremists Unite Against Israel?

The terrorists of Hamas are set to join the extremists in the Palestinian Authority - united in their resolve to destroy Israel. Today, how we are taking action to defend Israel and defund terrorists.


Filed in: Free Speech | by Jay Sekulow | 10:38 AM Apr. 25, 2014
A Football Coach's Faith "Scandalous"?

When Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney invited a chaplain to voluntarily minister to his players, angry atheists called it\"scandalous" and demanded it be shut down. Today, how you can fight back against this outrage.


Filed in: Free Speech | by Jay Sekulow | 10:16 AM Apr. 24, 2014
Faith Under Fire at Clemson University

Faith is under fire at Clemson University. Atheist agitators are attacking a football coach because of his Christian faith. Today how you can take a stand for religious liberty.


Filed in: School Prayer | by Jay Sekulow | 9:32 AM Apr. 23, 2014
You can't mix faith and football? Wrong.

According to FFRF, faith and football don’t mix, and that’s why it’s demanding that Clemson silence its Christian coach. Today, why FFRF is completely wrong.


Filed in: Free Speech | by Jay Sekulow | 10:05 AM Apr. 22, 2014
Faith & Football Don't Violate the Constitution

Angry atheists are attacking a successful college football coach for inviting a chaplain to voluntarily minister to the spiritual needs of players. Today how we are taking a stand to defend religious liberty on campus.

Players hold hands as they take the field for the coin toss with their opponents from Pittsburg-Colgan in Hays

Filed in: Free Speech | by Jay Sekulow | 10:35 AM Apr. 21, 2014
Angry Atheists Try to Squech Religious Liberty on Campus

The extremist Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) is taking on Clemson University and its outstanding football coach, Dabo Swinney, claiming that purely voluntary religious activities violate the Constitution. Today, how you can take a stand.

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Filed in: US Constitution | by Jay Sekulow | 8:00 AM Apr. 18, 2014
Faith and Freedom Under Attack

From IRS abuse to an Obama Administration bent on giving up the Internet and our free speech rights to foreign control, free speech is under attack. Today, how we are standing in the gap to defend liberty.

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks with Attorney General Eric Holder during a ceremonial installation at George Washington University in Washington

Filed in: US Constitution | by Jay Sekulow | 8:00 AM Apr. 17, 2014
Lois Lerner Wants Someone Prosecuted

The latest revelations about the IRS targeting scandal show that Lois Lerner wanted the justice department to prosecute targeted groups in addition to the IRS holding up their applications. Today, the latest and how you can take action.

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Filed in: Free Speech | by Jay Sekulow | 10:16 AM Apr. 16, 2014
We're close to a victory for liberty

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Internal Revenue Service (IRS) office, Washington, DC

Filed in: Free Speech | by Jay Sekulow | 10:16 AM Apr. 15, 2014
What's the IRS Doing with Your Tax Dollars?

Today, millions of Americans are filing their taxes with the IRS, but what's the IRS doing with those tax dollars? Today how you can stand with the ACLJ as we take on IRS abuse in federal court.