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Defending Unborn Lives in Kenya

By ACLJ.org1476460552812

Babies and their mothers in Kenya are afforded unprecedented protections against abortion because of Article 26(4) of the Kenyan constitutional that bans abortion except in emergency situations or danger to the life or health of the mother. 

But the abortion industry and the global abortion lobby, including Kenya’s Centre for Reproductive Rights, are trying to undermine these protections for life.  They have filed a suit in the High Court of Kenya in Nairobi alleging that Kenya’s Ministry of Health is violating constitutional rights by prohibiting health care workers from attending trainings on how to administer chemical abortions and how to make abortions safer.   

The truth is that abortions are never safe.  They are not safe for the children whose lives are snuffed out at the hands of the abortionists and they are not safe for the mothers who risk facing a lifetime of physical and psychological repercussions from the procedure.

And that is why the ACLJ’s affiliate office in Kenya, the East African Centre for Law and Justice, has joined the case as an interested party.  Our lawyers are fighting to ensure that the constitutional protections for life are upheld.  We are fighting to ensure all women and babies in Kenya receive the support and care they deserve, rather than falling prey to the manipulations of the abortion industry.

Our team on the ground in Kenya was just in court last week on this case, and will be submitting briefs to the court in support of the Ministry of Health position to oppose the case.  The first hearing for the case will be on December 15th. We’ll keep you updated as we continue standing up for every life, no matter how small or where they’re born.

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