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ObamaCare Directly Funds Abortion

By Matthew Clark1410913584000

A new report from the Government Accountability Office reveals what we’ve been saying all along: ObamaCare funds abortion. Put more directly: you are paying for abortion with your federal tax dollars in direct violation of federal law. In fact the new report details a myriad of ways that despite...

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Big Abortion Tries to Buy an Election

By David French1410202422000

There are few states more pro-life than Tennessee. When you poll my friends and neighbors (I live in Columbia, Tenn., perhaps best-known as the “Mule Capital of the World”), you’ll find that 70 percent of Tennesseans would like to ban abortion in all cases or in all cases except rape, incest, or...

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Hold Planned Parenthood Accountable

By Walter M. Weber1409239247000

At the ACLJ, we have been working overtime to get a whistleblower case against Planned Parenthood back on track after a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ordered the case dismissed. Helping that effort are two friend-of-the-court briefs filed, urging the Ninth...

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Save Pro-Life Laws

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Law Silencing Pro-Life Speech Loses

By Matthew Clark1403812982000

Today, a unanimous Supreme Court struck down a pro-abortion Massachusetts law which made it illegal for anyone to speak on the public sidewalks – otherwise known as exercising the First Amendment – within 35 feet of abortion clinics, calling the measure an “ extreme step ” in silencing free speech.

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Problems with Wrongful-Birth Suits

By Walter M. Weber1403291138000

Mississippi Republican Rep. Steven Palazzo is proposing a bill to prohibit the disturbing phenomena of "wrongful birth" and "wrongful life" suits. In a wrongful birth suit, the parents claim that they were injured by the birth of their child; in particular, they wish they could have aborted their...

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Pro-Abortion Gov Bullies State Health Reps

By Matthew Clark1400103760000

Pro-abortion Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has successfully bullied at least four members of the state board of health to resign in order to appoint radical pro-abortion replacements. In his statement announcing the new appointments, he directed the board of health to begin a review of recently...

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Abortion Giant Paid to Promote ObamaCare

By Matthew Clark1398283011000

Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider, is being paid (by your tax dollars) to enroll people in ObamaCare. California’s ObamaCare exchange is paying Certified Enrolment Counselors, including 38 Planned Parenthood affiliates , $58 per person for enrolling people on the state...

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Demanding Truth from Abortion Industry

By Francis J. Manion1398184441000

This past Friday - Good Friday - I was in court in Baltimore, Maryland arguing against that state's attempt to shield from public scrutiny the identities of the owners, operators, and medical directors of Maryland's twenty or so abortion businesses. Our client, Andrew Glenn, made a straightforward...

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A Win in Crisis Pregnancy Center Case

By CeCe Heil1396911458000

The ACLJ represents two non-profit organizations that operate numerous pro-life crisis pregnancy centers in New York City in a lawsuit challenging a City law that imposes burdensome disclaimer and confidentiality requirements upon crisis pregnancy centers. Today we received a stay from the U.S.

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Stunning Rebuke of the Abortion Industry

By Matthew Clark1396019601000

In a major victory for life, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a pro-life Texas law, implementing measures to keep women and their unborn children safe. These are key provisions of the pro-life bill that an unruly mob of pro-abortion radicals shut down the Texas legislature in an...

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The Culture of Death Knows No Bounds

By Matthew Clark1395267647000

Just in time for the anniversary of the Gosnell trial, one abortion organization is offering a gruesome token of its appreciation for donors willing to fund abortion. D.C. Abortion Fund, which claims to be “the only organization in the D.C. region that focuses solely on disbursing small patient...

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Author Dances Around Illegal Abortions

By Walter M. Weber1394648354000

Laura Bassett, writing on March 5 for the Huffington Post about abortion businesses shutting down in Texas, , invites readers to send in individualized horror stories about the effect of the law. In particular, she...

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Linda Greenhouse Shows Her Colors (Again)

By Walter M. Weber1391899013000

Veteran pro-abortion reporter Linda Greenhouse shows her heavy slant once more, this time in an article entitled “Stories We Tell.” Her target: the pro-life side in the cases of McCullen v. Coakley (free speech rights for sidewalk counselors) and Little Sisters of the Poor v. Sebelius (conscience...

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Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Wins

By CeCe Heil1391803183000

A pro-life pregnancy center has secured another victory in an ongoing fight against an intrusive, pro-abortion witch hunt carried out by New York State, whose governor recently declared that pro-life citizens “have no place in the state of New York.” Our client, The Evergreen Association, Inc.,

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If You Don’t Want to Pay for Abortion Pills You’re a Secessionist?

By David French1391198595000

So says legal scholar Garrett Epps in The Atlantic . Alarmed by the Supreme Court’s recent stay in the Little Sisters of the Poor and Hobby Lobby cases, Mr. Epps actually writes this: Taken together, these two cases aren’t claims for religious exemption. They are more like an ordinance of...

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Brief Filed Crisis Pregnancy Center Case

By CeCe Heil1391196196000

For the past few years, the ACLJ has represented two non-profit organizations that operate numerous pro-life crisis pregnancy centers in New York City in a lawsuit challenging a City law that imposes burdensome disclaimer and confidentiality requirements upon crisis pregnancy centers. Today we...

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New York Falling; Mississippi Rising

By David French1391103721000

Virtue in one generation does not necessarily lead to virtue in the next, and while history is powerful, it does not dictate our destiny. Look no further than the tale of two states: New York and Mississippi. I just finished reading 12 Years a Slave (I’ll watch the movie next), the profoundly...

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The Culture of Death

By David French1390491354000

I’m still shaking my head at Wendy Davis — not that she lied about her biography (sometimes it seems as if every politician springs out of some kind of heroic narrative) — but that she, as a very young lawyer doing the simple, ordinary work that thousands of young lawyers do, conceded custody of...

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