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Defund Terrorists at War with Israel


The terrorist-led Palestinian Authority (PA) has just essentially declared war on Israel. PA president Mahmoud Abbas declared that it is breaking the 1995 Oslo Peace Accords with Israel. This has the potential to create a de facto state of war and is in direct violation of international law. Israel could be attacked once again at any moment – its citizens targeted by terrorists. We’re taking...

Defend Religious Freedom on Campuses


School chaplains are once again in the crosshairs of angry atheists. The extreme anti-Christian Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) is attacking some of the best college football programs and coaches in the nation. Why? They claim that purely voluntary religious activities violate the Constitution. They are attacking the First Amendment free exercise rights of coaches and players, even...

Stop ISIS’s Genocide of Christians


ISIS is brutal beyond words. It is beheading, raping, and selling Christians. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have been forced to flee or die – to abandon their lives or allow their children to be sold as sex slaves. But where can they run? For more than a year, ISIS’s jihadist army has been on a bloody rampage, profiting from genocide, and tracking down Christians for sale and slaughter. It...

Investigate Sec. of State Clinton Emails


Our national security was put at great risk. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (America’s top diplomat in charge of national security) used an unsecured, private email server – stored at her home – for “Top Secret” State Department emails. Federal laws may have been broken. Critical classified State Department documents were unsecured. Our diplomats – our national security – were...

Let Christian Pastors Michael & Peter Go


Two Christian Pastors have been banned from leaving Sudan. Their lives are again in great danger. Pastors Michael and Peter were recently released from a possible death sentence, but they are not truly free. Sudan – which charged these two innocent pastors with false “crimes” for their Christian faith carrying the death penalty – has now placed a travel ban on the pastors. They can’t return home.

Defend Israel from Terrorism at the ICC


Hamas terrorists fired thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians. The jihadists hid and fired rockets from schools, playgrounds, and heavily populated civilian areas. Israel responded by defending its citizens. Now, the terrorist-led Palestinian Authority (PA) has joined the International Criminal Court (ICC) to again bring false war crimes charges against Israel. Dangerously, the ICC is...

Protect Our Troops; Allow Self-Defense


Terrorists once again murdered American soldiers on U.S. soil. ISIS and other jihadist armies are calling on Islamic radicals to target and kill American soldiers. One terrorist struck in Chattanooga at a military recruiting station, killing five brave soldiers. The Fort Hood terrorist attack left 13 soldiers dead. Yet for the most part our soldiers are unarmed. They can’t protect themselves. Our...

Stop Harvesting Aborted Babies’ Organs


Planned Parenthood is harvesting body parts from butchered babies. The largest abortion business in America is murdering unborn children, and then selling their organs. It’s startling and disgusting in scope. A senior Planned Parenthood abortionist was just caught on camera detailing how they “crush” the baby, altering the abortion procedure, so they are “very good at getting heart, lung, liver.”

Reject the Deal; Bring Saeed Home


American Pastor Saeed has been abandoned. The Obama Administration reached a nuclear deal with Iran, leaving Pastor Saeed and three other American hostages behind. President Obama broke a promise to Pastor Saeed’s family. He promised to make Pastor Saeed’s release a “top priority.” Instead, this U.S. citizen is left to suffer beatings, torment, and excruciating pain in one of the world’s worst...

Stop Anti-Christian Discrimination


Universities are engaging in anti-Christian discrimination at an alarming rate. One state college rejected a Christian student, saying the medical “field is not the place for religion.” In another of our cases, a college student was denied admission because he “brought up religion.” This isn’t just outrageous; it’s blatantly unconstitutional. Right now we’re in federal court in both cases. But...