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Protect America from ISIS Terror


ISIS – the Islamic State – is a jihadist army. It has declared war on liberty and freedom. One by one, ISIS executed innocent civilians in Paris. ISIS has beheaded American journalists. ISIS is trying to exterminate Christians. It has promised to infiltrate refugee camps to export terror. Now it is threatening to attack America. We must protect persecuted Christians. We must protect our homeland.

Don’t Ban the Bible. Defend It.


Banning the Bible. That’s what one angry atheist group is trying to do in hotels at public universities. The anti-Christian Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is demanding that the Bible – placed by a Christian group – be banned from university hotel rooms. It’s already had them banned from universities in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa. FFRF extremists call the Bible “obnoxious” and...

Defeat the Abortion-Pill Mandate


The abortion-pill mandate is crushing religious liberty. Pro-life ministries are being forced to pay for or provide abortion pills – or face crippling fines. Christian nuns – serving the poor – face the choice to comply with President Obama’s abortion-pill mandate or pay enormous financial penalties. President Obama’s so-called “accommodation” is nothing more than accounting gimmicks. His...

Destroy ISIS. Protect Christians.


ISIS – the Islamic State – is beheading, crucifying, and slaughtering Christians. The radical Islamic army is threatening to terrorize America. It is waging jihadist genocide against Christians, raping women, and enslaving children. Yet, President Obama has called ISIS a “JV” team. He says it can be “managed.” He’s flat wrong. And hundreds are dying daily. The only way to stop this evil and...

Stop the Shutdown of Pro-Life Centers


The abortion industry is attempting to censor, silence, and shut down the lifesaving work of pro-life pregnancy centers. Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America are conspiring with pro-abortion legislators all across America to stop pro-life centers’ lifesaving work. A new pro-abortion California law forces crisis pregnancy centers to refer women for “free or low-cost . . . abortion” or...

Defend a Hero; Stop Child Sexual Abuse


It’s shameful and despicable. The U.S. Army is threatening to kick out a Green Beret war hero for defending a child from rape. What’s worse are reports that the military has allowed Afghanistan forces to sexually abuse young children on U.S. bases. Children – young boys and girls – are being raped and abused, and Sergeant Charles Martland said, “We felt a moral obligation to act.” For his action,

Defund Terrorists at War with Israel


The terrorist-led Palestinian Authority (PA) has just essentially declared war on Israel. PA president Mahmoud Abbas declared that it is breaking the 1995 Oslo Peace Accords with Israel. This has the potential to create a de facto state of war and is in direct violation of international law. Israel could be attacked once again at any moment – its citizens targeted by terrorists. We’re taking...

Defend Religious Freedom on Campuses


School chaplains are once again in the crosshairs of angry atheists. The extreme anti-Christian Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) is attacking some of the best college football programs and coaches in the nation. Why? They claim that purely voluntary religious activities violate the Constitution. They are attacking the First Amendment free exercise rights of coaches and players, even...

Stop ISIS’s Genocide of Christians


ISIS is brutal beyond words. It is beheading, raping, and selling Christians. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have been forced to flee or die – to abandon their lives or allow their children to be sold as sex slaves. But where can they run? For more than a year, ISIS’s jihadist army has been on a bloody rampage, profiting from genocide, and tracking down Christians for sale and slaughter. It...

Investigate Sec. of State Clinton Emails


Our national security was put at great risk. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (America’s top diplomat in charge of national security) used an unsecured, private email server – stored at her home – for “Top Secret” State Department emails. Federal laws may have been broken. Critical classified State Department documents were unsecured. Our diplomats – our national security – were...