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Defeat Obama's Lawlessness at SCOTUS


Can the President unilaterally “change the law”? That is the monumental issue directly before the Supreme Court. The Constitution is clear. The President is not a king. Yet, President Obama directly violated the Constitution by imposing his lawless Executive action on immigration. He broke the law. The ACLJ is leading the charge to defend the Constitution. We’ve already filed several key briefs...

Defend “In God We Trust”


“In God We Trust” – Our National Motto – is under attack again. If this sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve been defeating atheist Michael Newdow’s attempts to banish “under God” and “In God We Trust” in federal court for over a decade. This time his new federal lawsuit is full of the same failed arguments: outlandishly claiming that our National Motto is “extremely offensive,” “bigotry,” and...

Don’t Close Gitmo and Release Terrorists


President Obama is endangering our national security to fulfill a disastrous campaign promise. In the State of the Union address, he once again vowed to subvert Congress and “shut down the prison at Guantanamo” (Gitmo) – holding some of the world’s most ruthless terrorists. He’s been releasing dozens of radical Islamic terrorists. 1 out of 3 jihadists end up back on the battlefield. We’re...

Defund Planned Parenthood Now


President Obama just forced you to give another half billion of your tax dollars to big abortion. Last year Planned Parenthood aborted – murdered – 323,999 babies. That’s nearly 900 lives a day. The abortion giant also took more than $553 million of your tax dollars. That’s more than $1.5 million of our tax dollars every single day. Planned Parenthood is profiting from abortion, padding its...

Recognize the Genocide; Protect Christians


ISIS jihadists behead, mutilate, torture, and rape Christians. The brutal toll: Nearly 1 million Christians have been slaughtered or displaced. ISIS – the Islamic State – is engaged in the blatant genocide of Christians in the Middle East. Yet President Obama refuses to recognize the genocide against Christians. He is pressuring the State Department to deny endangered Christians critical legal...

Protect America; Defeat & Destroy ISIS


ISIS – the Islamic State – attacked America. Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik unleashed jihadist terror at a Christmas party in San Bernardino, slaughtering 14 and injuring 21 more. They used sophisticated tactical gear and homemade bombs. Federal officials report that Farook’s wife posted her allegiance to ISIS moments before the attack. Weeks ago, ISIS officially called for radical...

Protect a Christian Girl


Muslim attackers brutalized an 8-year-old Christian girl. This young girl – Parwasha – was kidnapped, stripped, and beaten. Her attackers then left her naked and shamed in the streets of Pakistan. Like happens so often in Pakistan, a Muslim family had a vendetta against a Christian family because of their faith. They attacked this innocent girl. Even worse, town authorities refused to prosecute...

Protect America from ISIS Terror


ISIS – the Islamic State – is a jihadist army. It has declared war on liberty and freedom. One by one, ISIS executed innocent civilians in Paris. ISIS has beheaded American journalists. ISIS is trying to exterminate Christians. It has promised to infiltrate refugee camps to export terror. Now it is threatening to attack America. We must protect persecuted Christians. We must protect our homeland.

Don’t Ban the Bible. Defend It.


Banning the Bible. That’s what one angry atheist group is trying to do in hotels at public universities. The anti-Christian Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is demanding that the Bible – placed by a Christian group – be banned from university hotel rooms. It’s already had them banned from universities in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa. FFRF extremists call the Bible “obnoxious” and...

Defeat the Abortion-Pill Mandate


The abortion-pill mandate is crushing religious liberty. Pro-life ministries are being forced to pay for or provide abortion pills – or face crippling fines. Christian nuns – serving the poor – face the choice to comply with President Obama’s abortion-pill mandate or pay enormous financial penalties. President Obama’s so-called “accommodation” is nothing more than accounting gimmicks. His...