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Defend Christian Attorneys from Death


A human rights attorney and his client were abducted and brutally murdered in Kenya. Our Christian attorneys on the ground in Kenya – who defend victims of human rights abuses – face new dangers. Our Kenyan team is battling to defend young girls from forced child marriages. We face the influence of corrupt politicians in court. They’ve threatened the girls who have exposed them and the witnesses...

Hold Corrupt, Lawless Admin. Accountable


It’s the most lawless Administration in history. Courts call President Obama’s Department of Justice (DOJ) “unethical.” The State Department lied about the disastrous Iran nuclear deal. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) scrubs “Islam” and “jihad” from its files. The Administration covered up its Benghazi failures. The FBI rewrote the law while conducting a faux investigation of the State...

Demand AG Lynch Resign Now


Attorney General Lynch has broken the sacred trust of the American people. She just had a secret closed-door meeting on a taxpayer-funded jet with former President Bill Clinton – the husband of the target of an ongoing Department of Justice (DOJ) criminal investigation and potential witness. Attorney General Lynch violated federal regulations. She broke DOJ directives. It’s corruption at the...

Defeat ISIS & Islamic Jihadists


ISIS wants to destroy America and eradicate Christianity. ISIS (the Islamic State) has directed jihadists to attack America. Jihadists pledging allegiance to ISIS and radical Islam have attacked America, slaughtering dozens of Americans in multiple terrorist attacks. President Obama refuses to acknowledge the enemy we face. His Administration has failed to protect us. ISIS is at war with us. We...

Hold Corrupt Unethical Admin Accountable


The Obama Administration is corrupt and unethical. It has deceived the American people, misled Congress, and is now making “multiple misrepresentations” in federal court. One federal court just held that the Obama Administration was “intentionally deceptive,” “unethical,” and acting “surreptitiously.” It violated a court order against an unconstitutional Executive action. Then it “misled” the...

Defend Israel from Anti-Israel Attacks


Israel is under constant deadly terrorist knife and rocket attacks. Jewish students, professors, and Christians who support Israel face vicious discrimination at U.S. universities – all in an attempt to delegitimize the State of Israel. Israel is our ally. It’s our duty to defend them. We’re launching a massive new multi-national legal advocacy campaign in defense of Israel: in the U.S., at the...

Stop Sexual Enslavement of Kenyan Girls


Young Kenyan girls are being sexually enslaved. Girls – as young as ten – are married off to much older men as child brides. They are mutilated, raped, and traded as prizes. Before their wedding day, they undergo Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Although this practice violates international law and Kenya’s constitution, local chiefs and communities continue this barbaric abuse with virtual...

Demand Truth on Obama Admin's Iran Lie


The Obama Administration lied. The Administration negotiated with the leading state sponsor of terrorism – Iran – long before the public knew. In fact, when directly asked about it, the Administration lied. Now they have censored a critical State Department briefing on this issue – eight minutes of video deleted. It’s a cover-up. There’s no two ways about it. They were the most critical...

Don't Murder Babies with Disabilities


Planned Parenthood wants babies with disabilities to die. It’s that simple. It’s that disgusting. And it should be illegal. One state passed a commonsense pro-life law outlawing selective abortions – killing babies simply because they may face potential mental or physical disabilities, or because of their race or sex. No child should be murdered because he or she is considered inferior. Yet,

Protect Our Troops’ Religious Liberty


Christians in the military face a radical new anti-Christian threat. Anti-Christian zealots at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) continue their efforts to deny religious liberty to our men and women in uniform by desecrating the true meaning of the U.S. Constitution. Their efforts to intimidate our soldiers and distort the truth continue, from attacking the National Day of Prayer...