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Bring Saeed & Other US Hostages Home Now


American Pastor Saeed Abedini has languished nearly three years in a deadly prison for his Christian faith. He suffers daily threats, unsanitary conditions, and immense pain. Pastor Saeed is one of four Americans held hostage by the radical Iranian regime. It is time for the U.S. government to secure the immediate release of Pastor Saeed, Jason Rezaian, Amir Hekmati, and Robert Levinson – all...

Defend Christians in the Military


Christians in the military face a radical new threat. The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) is threatening Christians with courts martial. General Craig Olson spoke at a National Day of Prayer event thanking God and talking about the power of prayer. Now this radical anti-Christian group is demanding that he face a court martial and be “aggressively and visibly brought to justice for...

Stop Obama’s Overreach in Court


Can the President unilaterally “change the law”? That is the monumental issue directly before a federal appeals court. The Constitution is clear. The President is not a king. Yet, President Obama directly violated the Constitution by imposing his lawless Executive action on immigration. He broke the law. The ACLJ is leading the charge to defend the Constitution in court. We’ve already filed...

No Deal with Iran Unless Saeed is Freed


American Pastor Saeed is facing renewed torment and hostility in an Iranian prison. Each day Iranian guards demand he recant his Christian faith and become Muslim. He is threatened with an extended sentence. Now the United States is entering renewed negotiations with Iran. There is already a framework for a nuclear agreement, but Pastor Saeed is still not home and the situation is getting worse.

Stop Islamic Indoctrination in School


“Pretend you are Muslim.” That’s an assignment being given to students in at least one public high school in Wisconsin. These kids are being indoctrinated into Islam. They’ve been forced to watch “documentaries” and other in-class “work” to prepare them. All across the country, there are reports of innocent school children being taught to pray Islamic prayers, make prayer rugs, and practice other...

Stop Obama’s Insults to Christianity


At an Easter Prayer Breakfast, President Obama attacked Christians. He called Christians “less than loving.” He did it surrounding the day Christians celebrate the ultimate gift of love – the day Christ died because He loved us. It’s offensive and uncalled for. But this isn’t the first time he’s insulted Christians. At the National Prayer Breakfast earlier this year, he demanded Christians get...

Defend Israel from Terrorism in Court


Hamas terrorists fire rockets at Israeli civilians. This jihadist army kidnaps and kills Israeli teenagers. It wants to destroy Israel. Now the terrorist-led Palestinian Authority has joined the International Criminal Court (ICC) as a “state.” It’s not a state. And it’s attempting to terrorize Israel in court. We’ve successfully defended Israel before the the Prosecutor of ICC, and we’re prepared...

You Cannot Bully Israel at the U.N.


President Obama is very angry at Israel. Israel’s citizens dared to re-elect Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. So now President Obama is threatening Israel’s security. He’s reportedly willing to use the U.N. as a weapon against Israel, to force it to bargain with terrorists who seek only Israel’s destruction. For the sake of political revenge, President Obama is willing to risk innocent lives,

Stop Pres. Obama from Bullying Israel


Is America still Israel’s friend? The Obama Administration has attacked Israel for defending itself time and again. Now it's undermining Israel’s security in nuclear negotiations with Iran. If Iran obtains a nuclear bomb, it spells doom for Israel. Yet this Administration condemns Israel for even voicing its concern. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is addressing Congress about this impending...

Defend Persecuted Christians Worldwide


Christian persecution is escalating at a staggering rate worldwide. ISIS – the Islamic State – is abducting hundreds of Christians for slaughter. It is crucifying Christian men, enslaving Christian women, and barbarically beheading Christian children. Pakistan sentences Christians to death – like Christian mom Asia Bibi – for blasphemy. Iran imprisons Christians – like American Pastor Saeed...