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Efforts Against Abortion Pill Mandate

By Edward White1412607468142

Litigation generally takes a long time before a case is finally resolved. Despite the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision this past summer, ruling that the HHS Mandate violates the religious exercise rights of for-profit businesses and their owners who oppose having to pay for abortion pill...

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Obama Repackages Abortion-Pill Mandate

By Matthew Clark1408738939000

The Obama Administration is not one to let a mere Supreme Court decision get in the way of its radical pro-abortion agenda. After losing major abortion-pill mandate litigation at the Supreme Court and then failing in an attempt to ram a new abortion-pill mandate through Congress (where it couldn’t...

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Another Win in HHS Mandate Litigation

By Edward White1407812800000

Over the past few years, the ACLJ has represented numerous businesses and their owners in seven lawsuits challenging the HHS Mandate, which requires businesses to include in their health plans coverage for contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs in order to avoid crippling...

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Massive Blow to ObamaCare

By David French1406047849000

It looks like Nancy Pelosi should have read ObamaCare before she passed it. This morning, in a 2-1 decision the D.C. Circuit struck down a lawless IRS rule that dramatically extended ObamaCare subsidies well beyond the law’s written guidelines. Put simply, the D.C. Circuit found that ObamaCare...

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New Abortion-Pill Mandate Voted Down

By Matthew Clark1405542977000

Senate Democrats attempt to gut religious liberty and “reverse” the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision on the abortion-pill mandate has been defeated. Pro-abortion radicals reeling from the Supreme Court’s decision in Hobby Lobby quickly jumped to extreme measures to push through their failing...

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Destroying Over 200 Pro-Life Laws

By Matthew Clark1405459672000

Over the past few years, numerous states have followed the will of the people to increase protections for women and unborn children by enacting reasonable, commonsense restrictions on abortion. These pro-life laws are aimed at limiting unregulated and dangerous abortions and ensuring that unborn...

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Radical Pro-Abortion Bill

By David French1405451184000

Rarely have I seen an abortion bill more monstrous, more extreme, than fake Vietnam veteran Senator Richard Blumenthal’s Orwellian-titled “ Women’s Health Protection Act of 2013 .” Thomas Messner at the Charlotte Lozier Institute has done an admirable job breaking down the bill’s deficiencies , and...

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Bill to Gut Religious Liberty?

By Matthew Clark1404939632000

Despite what the Obama Administration and mainstream media have tried to spin, the Hobby Lobby decision by the Supreme Court was about religious liberty. Senate Democrats outraged by the result of that decision are taking the only step available to them to reverse the decision, gut religious...

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In The Wake Of Hobby Lobby

By Francis J. Manion1404237835000

In the wake of yesterday’s blockbuster Hobby Lobby decision striking down the HHS Mandate, today the Supreme Court granted our petition for review in the case of Gilardi, v. HHS , and denied the government’s petition in our case of Korte v. HHS . In Gilardi , the Court vacated the decision of the...

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ObamaCare Abortion-Pill Mandate Defeated

By Jay Sekulow1404160957000

Moments ago, the Supreme Court of the United States announced its decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc . The result? Victory. Victory for religious liberty. Victory for life. Victory for common sense. First, the Supreme Court held that, yes, closely-held corporations can assert religious...

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First Post-Hobby Lobby Decision for Nonprofit

By Matthew Clark1404156639000

In the first post- Hobby Lobby decision issued by an appellate court, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals has granted an injunction, halting the HHS Mandate, to a nonprofit religious organization. The key aspect of this new decision is that the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision was confined to...

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Hobby Lobby: The Left Is Weeping

By David French1404155854000

The hysterical reaction of the Left to the Hobby Lobby decision makes for both entertaining and instructive reading. There’s just slightly less free stuff on the market. This is hardly Handmaid’s Tale territory. It’s instructive because it demonstrates the extent to which the Left is emotionally...

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Two Possible Outcomes

By Edward White1402590635000

This past March the Supreme Court of the United States heard oral argument in two cases dealing with the Obama Administration’s HHS Mandate, which requires many employers—despite their religious objections—to arrange and pay for employee health insurance that covers abortion-inducing drugs,

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DOJ Loses Again for the Umpteenth Time

By Geoffrey Surtees1402089020000

As reported here , the Catholic Benefits Association (“CBA”), has obtained a preliminary injunction against the HHS Mandate -- the federal regulation requiring non-exempt health plans to include abortion-inducing drugs and contraception. With this decision, a total of 59 preliminary injunctions ,

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DOJ Gets It Wrong

By Geoffrey Surtees1400867018000

Today, the ACLJ filed a friend of the court brief with the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in support of Reaching Souls International, Truett-McConnell College, and GuideStone Financial Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention. These entities are challenging the HHS Mandate (which requires...

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Delay, Defund, and Defeat ObamaCare


ObamaCare’s failures are impossible to deny. The bloated federal bureaucracy simply cannot implement its provisions on time, and now the Obama Administration has decided to favor corporations over...


ObamaCare’s Cruel April Fools Joke

By Matthew Clark1396372744000

Yesterday, was the deadline – March 31, 2014 – the last day to submit an application for ObamaCare. Yet had another “glitch.” On the last day to apply for ObamaCare, the ObamaCare website couldn’t accept new applications . It’s a derisively cruel April Fools joke. But that’s what...

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HHS Mandate Oral Argument

By Edward White1396033288000

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court of the United States heard oral argument in the Hobby Lobby Stores and Conestoga Wood Specialties cases, which challenge the Obama Administration’s HHS Mandate. The Mandate requires many employers, under the pain of significant financial penalties and despite...

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