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On October 3, 1789, President George Washington issued the first-ever Thanksgiving Proclamation , declaring November 26, 1789 a day of Thanksgiving. While reading the entire declaration (posted below), I couldn’t help but dwell on what I’m thankful for this year. I’m thankful for a growing family and good friends around the world. During these dangerous times, I’m grateful for their continued protection and diligent work towards making our world a safer and more secure place. I’m thankful for... read more

The U.S. Senate is expected to vote on defunding Planned Parenthood before the end of the year in the wake of moral outrage surrounding the sale of babies’ body parts and the House passing a bipartisan bill to defund the nation’s largest abortion provider. Earlier this year, a radical pro-abortion minority in the Senate filibustered a bill that would have taken away all of Planned Parenthood’s federal taxpayer funding. Even though 55 Senators publically supported the bill, pro-abortion Senators... read more

As we gather this week to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends here in the United States, we should be especially grateful for something we far too often take for granted – the ability to worship freely with fellow believers without fear of persecution or imprisonment. As we’ve reported previously , Christians in Sudan face government demolitions of their churches and possible imprisonment whenever they speak up. Our contacts on the ground continue to report to us about systematic... read more

This is the latest installment in a year-end series looking back at a few of the many victories by the ACLJ in 2015. President Obama has launched unparalleled assaults on the U.S. Constitution. At every step – on Capitol Hill and in federal courts – we continue to defend the constitutional structure put in place by our Founding Fathers to ensure every citizen’s freedom and liberty is protected. When President Obama fails to do the hard work of persuading Congress to adopt his legislative... read more

Exactly one year after announcing the unconstitutional Executive overreach that unilaterally rewrote our nation’s immigration laws, the Obama Administration asked the Supreme Court of the United States to hear its appeal of a Fifth Circuit decision halting its implementation. President Obama has rushed to appeal the case, hoping the Supreme Court will take up the case this term so that this issue would be resolved before he leaves office in January 2017. The case, United States v. Texas , is... read more

This is the latest installment in a year-end series looking back at a few of the many victories by the ACLJ in 2015. In 2009, a radical Islamic terrorist, Major Nidal Hasan, launched a jihadist onslaught on the Army base at Fort Hood, murdering 13 soldiers and wounding 32 others. Disturbingly, the Obama Administration labeled this clear terrorist attack merely an instance of “workplace violence.” By refusing to classify this attack as an act of war, not only were the dead and wounded heroes of... read more

Planned Parenthood just doesn't get it. They're so blinded by their own ideology of defending the indefensible - the murder of the most vulnerable members of our society - that they often speak in paradoxes. Just last week on Twitter, Planned Parenthood quoted Hillary Clinton in a way that made every pro-life advocate (and probably more than a few pro-abortion advocates) wince and cringe at just how galling their advocacy could be. Every child deserves the opportunity to live up to their God... read more

The United States House of Representatives just overwhelmingly passed H.R. 4038 , the American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act of 2015, by a vote of 289 to 137. In short, the bipartisan bill would require certifications and background investigations before aliens from Syria or Iraq are admitted to the United States as refugees. This bill closely tracks the proposal the ACLJ circulated on the Hill earlier this week, addressing four of the five points we advanced. Specifically, the bill... read more

The Abby Johnson Story

OfficialACLJ1447952656660Pro Life

Abby Johnson illustrates the events that caused her to leave Planned Parenthood.

Islamic indoctrination in our public schools is a concern to parents across America. Parents are questioning local school districts’ choice of curriculum and teaching methods regarding this issue and with good cause. When public middle school students are required to recite Muslim prayers and statements of belief, to write those statements as though they are fact, and to memorize historically inaccurate information about the background of the Islamic religion, someone must cry foul. While... read more