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Jordan Sekulow on Fox News: IRS Targeting of Conservatives

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Jordan Sekulow spoke with Fox News about new information surrounding the IRS targeting conservative groups.

As previously reported , the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ) recently filed a lawsuit against the City of Fort Myers, Florida, and one of its police officers for preventing pro-life sidewalk counselors from communicating with women going into and out of a local abortion clinic. We represent Judith Minahan and JoAnn O’Connell. For more than a decade, they have regularly engaged in sidewalk counseling outside the Fort Myers Women’s Health Center, an abortion clinic, to counsel women, in... read more

ISIS has just viciously abducted 220 Christians in Syria. It is devastatingly likely that ISIS will attempt to behead, crucify, or even burn them alive in its ever-increasing brutality. The jihadist army ravishing Iraq, Syria, and even Libya has indiscriminately killed men, women, and children of all religious minorities, especially Christians. But now, more than ever, it is specifically targeting Christians for slaughter. Fox News is reporting: Activists monitoring the conflict in Syria said... read more

So, it turns out that at least some ISIS supporters believe that our government’s persistent refusal to understand or acknowledge their Islamic roots — instead preferring to rely on standard “legitimate grievances” or “root causes” explanations for jihad — actually grants ISIS a significant tactical advantage. How? Writing in The Atlantic, Graeme Wood collected reader reactions to his widely-acclaimed cover story about ISIS’s Islamic theology, and the response from ISIS sympathizers was... read more

We’ve long warned about the dangers of embracing the Palestinian “unity government” formed by the Palestine Authority and the terrorist group Hamas. Now a federal court has held that the Palestinian Authority itself is directly responsible for terrorist attacks carried out on Israeli civilians. The Wall Street Journal reports: A federal jury in New York on Monday found the Palestinian Authority and the Palestine Liberation Organization liable for supporting six terrorist attacks in Israel more... read more

President Obama has just asked a federal court to issue an emergency stay of last week’s ruling halting his unconstitutional Executive action on immigration. Last week a federal court found that the Obama Administration “is not just rewriting the laws, he is creating them from scratch.” The court issued a preliminary injunction, temporarily halting the President’s action – a case in which the ACLJ filed a critical amicus brief on behalf of 68 Members of Congress and more than 70,000 ACLJ... read more

Last weekend, we learned in horror that ISIS had beheaded another 21 Christians, this time from Egypt. ISIS’s reign of terror in the region knows no bounds – it knows no national boundaries – as these men were taken from a village in Libya. Yet, even in the horror of ISIS’s barbarism, these Christians held true to their faith, to the end. CNN recounts what one Christian villager who escaped ISIS witnessed: The 21 Egyptian Christians were seized in the Libyan city of Sirte in two separate... read more

Now we know why apocalyptic jihadists rule vast stretches of the Middle East, beheading and burning alive all who oppose them. Because it’s too hard to start a business in Syria. At least that’s the verdict of State Department spokesperson Marie Harf, who declared earlier this week that fighting the Islamic State terror group, or ISIS, means focusing on “root causes,” like economic conditions that make it easier for young Muslim men to “pick up an AK-47 instead of trying to start a business.” . read more

In the late summer of 1991, I think I might have been the most insecure person alive. I was driving a Ryder van from Georgetown, Ky., (my hometown), to Cambridge, Mass., to start my first year at Harvard Law School. I was pretty sure the admissions committee had made a mistake, or — at the very least — I’d just squeaked in on some kind of redneck affirmative-action plan. I’d done well in school, but I was hardly an imposing academic specimen, graduating from a public high school in rural... read more

The ECLJ is pleased to inform you that our affiliate in Pakistan, the Organization for Legal Aid (OLA), has successfully obtained the acquittal of Imtiaz Masih, a Christian who was falsely accused of killing his Muslim employer’s brother in Sheikhupura, Pakistan. The situation involved three brothers: Muhammad Anwar, Muhammad Aslam, and Muhammad Sarwar. Masih worked for Sarwar as a caretaker of his cattle and farmland. On November 9, 2010, Anwar was shot and killed outside his house. Anwar’s... read more