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On a near daily basis, we receive a number of callers into our daily radio program, Jay Sekulow Live! , rightfully upset about the most recent appalling Executive overreach by the President or devastating vote in the Senate or House of Representatives. The question always comes up: “Isn’t there something we can do to stop this outrage?” Our Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow’s answer is always the same. “Elections have consequences.” It’s as profound as it is simple, and it couldn’t be more true. read more

So, a “senior Obama administration official” called the prime minister of Israel — our closest ally in the Middle East and one of the few nations in the region that is not (a) imploding or (b) actively funding or supporting terrorists — “ a chickenshit .” While that word has rocketed around the globe, other descriptions of Benjamin Netanyahu include, “recalcitrant, myopic, reactionary, obtuse, blustering, pompous, and ‘Aspergery.’” And let’s not forget the worst word of all, “coward.” Behold, read more

Where I Stand Acoustic featuring Ricky Skaggs


Country and Bluegrass Legend Ricky Skaggs joins the Jay Sekulow Band in an acoustic performance of "Where I Stand".

When one thinks of those who prevent women from learning the truth about abortion, one generally thinks about Planned Parenthood, not the police. Yet, that is what’s happening in Fort Myers, Florida, prompting the filing of a lawsuit by the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ). This week the ACLJ sued the City of Fort Myers and one of its police officers for preventing pro-life sidewalk counselors from communicating with women going into and out of a local abortion clinic. Unfortunately, read more

“Self-radicalized.” It’s a term you are bound to hear a lot of, along with “lone wolf” and “recent convert to Islam,” in the wake of two separate terrorist attacks in Canada and one in New York City last week. In Canada , a self-proclaimed jihadist, who at the very least was inspired, if not directed, by ISIS mowed down two Canadian soldiers, killing one and injuring the other in a brutal act of terrorism. Another radical Islamic terrorist went on a shooting rampage in and around Canada’s... read more

For the past several months we have been warning not just of the dangers that ISIS – the Islamic State – poses in the Middle East and its genocide against Christians but of the direct threat that ISIS poses to the United States. American passport holders have joined the fight alongside ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq. Some have returned here to the U.S. , and our borders both with Mexico and Canada are woefully porous . We started petition drives to revoke the passports of American traitors... read more

By Shaheryar Gill In a trial and appellate process not befitting any judicial system, Aasia Noreen (“Asia Bibi”), a Pakistani Christian woman, was sentenced to death for expressing her faith in Jesus Christ. Her accusers perceived her statement that she believed in Jesus and not in the prophet Muhammad to be insulting to the prophet. Sentencing Asia to death is a gross miscarriage of justice and blatantly disregards international treaties to which Pakistan has acceded. In addition to the... read more

The ACLJ has just filed a friend of the court brief in the seemingly endless battle to halt discrimination against churches in New York City. The case is Bronx Household of Faith v. The Board of Education of the City of New York . Our brief urges the U.S. Supreme Court to grant review in the case and to vindicate the free speech rights of churches. The Supreme Court has again and again ruled that in a setting where private parties are entitled to speak, under the First Amendment to the U.S. read more

One of the many important things we do at the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ) is to ensure that people can spread the Gospel without unconstitutional interference by the government. This past week we filed a lawsuit in a New Jersey federal court on behalf of Joseph Paolella against the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. Through that lawsuit we seek to end the Borough’s restrictions on religious speech and expression on its public Boardwalk. Mr. Paolella is an adherent to the... read more

The fight for justice is never the easy road, and it doesn’t always win the first round. Yesterday a federal district court dismissed two lawsuits (at least a majority of the claims) brought on behalf of conservative groups who were targeted by the IRS. Unfortunately, the court’s ruling is based on what we believe is a mistaken interpretation of the law that would allow corruption to continue unfettered at the highest levels of federal government and deny justice to those who had their... read more