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Red tape in America is rising. Exponentially. It’s suffocating our Constitution and our freedoms. This is confirmed in a report recently released by the Heritage Foundation . The report states that since President Obama took office six years ago, his Administration has issued 184 major rules costing the American people well over $80 billion annually – more than twice as many rules as the Bush Administration created in its first six years. The report goes on to indicates that the cost of these... read more

Memorial Day is a special day for me for a number of reasons. First, I grew up in a military family, and I served on active duty in the Army for 22 years myself. I know well the sacrifices that men and women in the Armed Forces make every day to defend this Nation. Second, my parents and my parents-in-law were members of the Greatest Generation. It is they that I’d like to talk about for a moment. Both my Father and my Father-in-law fought in North Africa and Italy during World War II. One or... read more

Four years ago, we filed suit against the Town of Vestal, New York on behalf of a Christian, non-profit organization seeking to provide a much needed ministry in that area for women recovering from addiction and emotional problems. For years, the organization successfully operated in a neighboring town without incident and, because of its success and increasing need in the area, the organization began to look for a new property to accommodate its growing ministry. Following an extensive search, read more

Tonight, don’t miss an exclusive live-streaming online event featuring ACLJ Chief Counsel & #1 New York Times Best Selling author Jay Sekulow discussing his latest book, “Undemocratic: How Unelected, Unaccountable Bureaucrats are Stealing Your Liberty and Freedom.” Watch at 8:00 p.m. ET life as Jay Sekulow takes your questions live and discusses how the out-of-control bureaucracy crushes our Constitution and imperils our freedoms. Watch LIVE at Learn more about... read more

Yesterday’s revelation that the State Department is processing (read: stonewalling) 50,000 emails from then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton but that none of those emails will be ready for public consumption until sometime in January 2016 is unsurprising. Those emails cover everything from the Benghazi disaster to numerous foreign policy failures. The State Department is taking a page directly from the IRS’s playbook. First, you destroy incriminating emails, but don’t tell anyone. Former Top... read more

If there was ever a misnamed organization, it would have to be the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF). Masquerading as a religious rights organization, the MRFF’s real purpose appears to be silencing those whose religious beliefs it opposes—especially if they are Evangelical Christians. Just last week, for example, MRFF Founder “Mikey” Weinstein called for the Air Force Chief of Staff to court martial Major General Craig Olson, USAF. Mr. Weinstein’s allegations were so outlandishly... read more

Jay Sekulow on Fox News: Saudi Arabian Nuke?

OfficialACLJ1432062306242Middle East

Jay Sekulow joins fox news to discuss the possibility of Saudi Arabia getting a Nuke.

Jay Sekulow on Hannity: Ramadi Falls to ISIS

OfficialACLJ1432060651847Middle East

Jay Sekulow joins Sean Hannity on Fox News to discuss the recent fall of Ramadi in Iraq.

Two years ago this month, we learned of the burgeoning scandal at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – the deliberate targeting of conservative and Tea Party groups – a coordinated move to keep these groups on the sidelines during a critical election. We are in federal court representing dozens of targeted groups and continue to seek justice in this case. But over the course of the two years when the scandal broke, one thing has become very clear: unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats were at... read more

Imagine if President Obama and his policies never left office. Imagine if the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was free to target conservatives at will for their political beliefs. Imagine if the IRS could single out families who chose to adopt children in need for intrusive and abusive audits. Imagine if the Veterans Administration (VA) could pick and chose which of our nation’s war heroes receive desperately needed medical care and which ones died , neglected by the nation they fought to... read more