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In a historic vote, the people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union (EU), sending ripples and shockwaves around the world. These are five key takeaways of the Brexit bombshell, a vote that has huge implications for global geopolitics, in addition to U.S. politics and unelected bureaucrats here in our own country. This hugely unexpected vote by the British people represents nothing less than a rejection of the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels who are disconnected from the... read more

Since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, religious minorities have faced extreme persecution at the hands of the radical Iranian government. For almost two decades, the U.S. government has designated Iran as a “country of particular concern” because of its treatment of religious minorities, including Christians, Baha’is and Sunni Muslims. A new report released by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) reveals that over the past year that conditions for Christians... read more

ISIS is Committing the Definition of "Genocide"

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ISIS is committing genocidal attacks against Christians in the Middle East and beyond. Here, we strongly support the call for the Security Council to act under Chapter 7 taking actions against ISIS and sanctions against states and entities supporting it. We must end ISIS and Islamic jihad – once...

Since the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, there have been issues where the court splits evenly. That’s exactly what happened Thursday when the high court tied 4-4 in the case of whether President Obama’s Executive order on immigration was unconstitutional and unlawful. The 4-4 tie upholds a lower court injunction, which blocked enforcement of the president’s plan. That means a victory for the separation of powers and a sound blow to President Obama’s lawless power-grab. While the tie vote does... read more

It’s infuriating and outrageous. It would be laughable if so many lives and our national security weren’t on the line. If you listen to the Obama Administration, then American leaders and citizens urging them to name our enemy as radical jihadists offer nothing but empty rhetoric and talking points. Recently, the American people have been treated to a disturbing spectacle as both the President and his press secretary have heaped ridicule on the idea that clearly identifying America’s enemies is... read more

In a major blow to President Obama’s lawless Executive overreach and an important victory for the separation of powers and the U.S. Constitution, an equally divided Supreme Court kept a federal injunction in place blocking President Obama’s Executive action that unilaterally rewrote our nation’s immigration laws. This underscores what we have argued all along: impatient Presidents don’t get to change the law. The one sentence per curiam order from the Supreme Court of the United States simply... read more

Sekulow: "Disguised Terrorists Launch Deadly Attack in Israel – Part 2" Ep. 389


Continuing our discussion on the deadly terror attacks in Tel Aviv. The Obama Administration must take decisive action to meet these terrorists head-on and fully eradicate it. ISIS has but one thing in mind: a complete Islamic conquest.

The ACLJ continues to lead the fight against the anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) movement – a movement that seeks to delegitimize the State of Israel through discriminatory and illegal tactics – in the courts, in the media, on campuses, in boardrooms, and at every level of government: international, federal, state and even local. Recently that leadership was recognized by a national organization of state lawmakers as we also secured a major legislative victory on the local... read more

ECLJ Defends Kenyan Girls at the U.N.

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We delivered a critical oral intervention at the United Nations (U.N.) on behalf of Kenyan girls being forced into horrific child marriages. As we continue fighting in Kenyan communities and courts to save young girls enslaved as child brides, we are taking the plight of the persecuted directly to...

It’s pure evil. Young boys dress up like women and are forced to dance for older men. The boys are then auctioned off as sex slaves to the highest bidder – forced to endure years of rape, sexual abuse, and slavery at the hands of their masters. And now, the latest reports reveal that the Taliban are using these child sex slaves to mount insider attacks against Afghan police officers. Yahoo! News has more of the disturbing details: The Taliban are using child sex slaves to mount crippling... read more