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Next week the University of California student-workers union, UAW 2865 (yes, it’s affiliated with United Auto Workers), will vote on its Joint Council’s motion to boycott, divest, and sanction Israeli institutions. This motion is absurd on its face, but if it has any teeth at all it’s also illegal. First, the absurdity. The idea that a graduate student union — whose core business is negotiating terms and conditions of its members’ employment — should inject itself into the Israeli–Palestinian... read more

Surprise. Surprise. 30,000 of Lois Lerner’s mysteriously “lost” emails, which the Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress claimed were gone forever, have been found. We knew the Obama Administration’s bizarre claim that the emails were unrecoverable, deleted, not backed up, crashed, and on and on was just flat false. It’s taken our work, the demands of the American people, and congressional oversight to cut through this small part of the pattern of deception. The government watchdog, the... read more

You know its bad for President Obama when the late night comedy shows start cutting through his Administration’s mainstream media-memorizing spin and exposing his lawlessness. Conservatives aren’t the only ones shouting from the rooftops about President Obama’s reckless disregard for the Constitution. Saturday Night Live took on President Obama’s lawless attempt to circumvent Congress and the Constitution to impose his political will on the American people on illegal immigration. The result, read more

I would say that I pity Chuck Hagel. After all, here was his mandate: Maintain America’s strategic position while shrinking American military power and amplifying the Obama administration’s desires for global disengagement. It turns out that the SECDEF could accomplish only two of those missions. The problem with Hagel, of course, is that he seemed to tackle his mission with relish, believing in the same magic that the president believes — that military disengagement and retreat can come... read more

News is breaking this morning that the deadline for nuclear negotiations with Iran has been extended until next June. This is a critical decision for American Pastor Saeed who continues to suffer in an Iranian prison for his Christian faith. First, Pastor Saeed was not completely abandoned. The American people were heard and Iran was not rewarded with a nuclear deal while it continues to imprison and torment a U.S. citizen. Yet Pastor Saeed is not free. Second, the reports indicate that there... read more

Jay Sekulow on Fox News: Executive Overreach

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Jay Sekulow joins Sean Hannity on Fox News to discuss Obama's unconstitutional Executive Order.

In the days leading up to the nuclear negotiation deadline on November 24th, both the U.S. Congress and the United Nations are taking a firm stance against Iran’s violation of human rights. As the Washington Free Beacon reports : The United Nations late Tuesday voted to condemn Iranian human rights abuses and single it out for executing upwards of 1,000 political opponents and prisoners in the past year. The measure, originally drafted by Canada, garnered the support of 78 nations on the U.N. read more

The lesson we learn from Jonathan Gruber (the MIT professor turned high-paid ObamaCare architect who admitted the Administration deceived the public to pass ObamaCare) is that the Obama Administration will do or say anything to prop up ObamaCare. You know the litany of lies (you can keep you plan, no abortion funding, not a tax, etc.), but now we have a brand new deception: ObamaCare’s enrollment numbers. After the unmitigated failure of last year, the Obama Administration was... read more

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times — divided government means “gridlock.” With Congress in the hands of one party and the presidency in the hands of the other, nothing gets done. In fact, there’s an argument that voters see this alleged “gridlock” as a feature of divided government, where the branches of government act as checks on each other, restraining the most extreme legislation and requiring consensus to govern. But recent history shows this notion is utterly false, read more

Our nation is entering a dangerous new phase in its relationship with Iran. Its nuclear program is proceeding, it continues to threaten to destroy Israel, it maintains its support for international terror and it is wrongfully imprisoning Americans, including a pastor, Saeed Abedini, merely because of his Christian faith. We want to see ALL Americans held in Iran’s prisons freed and have been working for more than two years to secure the release of Pastor Saeed as we represent his wife and two... read more