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Yesterday, liberal Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer lambasted Democrats for the political failure of both ObamaCare and the stimulus. While he certainly has not changed his core belief that government can solve all the people’s ills (and said as much), he slammed his party for its political failures. He complained that Democrats (ironically, of which he was one of the chief culprits) focused on the “wrong problem” by using all their political capital from 2008-2009 on ObamaCare. Even as he... read more

In many ways this has been a good year at the ACLJ. There is much to be thankful for—we’ve won key, precedent setting victories in court here at home, and we’ve even made progress fighting Christian persecution abroad. At home, we’ve defended the rights of Christian students and professors, won a key victory for pro-life pregnancy centers, and helped defeat the ObamaCare abortion-pill mandate—and that’s just a partial list. Abroad, we helped save Sudanese Christian mother Meriam Ibrahim from... read more

Jay Sekulow with Fox News: Obama's Immigration Executive Order

OfficialACLJ1416954795469Executive Power

Jay Sekulow joins Fox News to discuss the legality of Obama's latest executive order.

Jay Sekulow on Fox News: President Obama's Executive Order

OfficialACLJ1416954774229Executive Power

Jay Sekulow joined Fox News to discuss President Obama's Executive Order.

Jordan Sekulow on Fox News Discusses Immigration


Jordan Sekulow discusses the President's unconstitutional Executive order.

Jordan Sekulow on Fox News: Missing IRS Emails Found

OfficialACLJ1416954685871Free Speech

Jordan Sekulow discusses missing IRS email that have been found.

Jay Sekulow on Fox News: IRS Emails Found

OfficialACLJ1416954676554Free Speech

Jay Sekulow discusses the new "found" IRS emails with Fox News.

Next week the University of California student-workers union, UAW 2865 (yes, it’s affiliated with United Auto Workers), will vote on its Joint Council’s motion to boycott, divest, and sanction Israeli institutions. This motion is absurd on its face, but if it has any teeth at all it’s also illegal. First, the absurdity. The idea that a graduate student union — whose core business is negotiating terms and conditions of its members’ employment — should inject itself into the Israeli–Palestinian... read more

Surprise. Surprise. 30,000 of Lois Lerner’s mysteriously “lost” emails, which the Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress claimed were gone forever, have been found. We knew the Obama Administration’s bizarre claim that the emails were unrecoverable, deleted, not backed up, crashed, and on and on was just flat false. It’s taken our work, the demands of the American people, and congressional oversight to cut through this small part of the pattern of deception. The government watchdog, the... read more

You know its bad for President Obama when the late night comedy shows start cutting through his Administration’s mainstream media-memorizing spin and exposing his lawlessness. Conservatives aren’t the only ones shouting from the rooftops about President Obama’s reckless disregard for the Constitution. Saturday Night Live took on President Obama’s lawless attempt to circumvent Congress and the Constitution to impose his political will on the American people on illegal immigration. The result, read more