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A Congressional Push for Prayer

With the Obama Administration filing its notice of appeal with a federal appeals court challenging the decision declaring the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional, we're continuing to generate strong support on Capitol Hill for our representation of members of Congress in filing our amicus brief.

This, of course, comes as controversy ensues over the decision by the Department of Defense - at the request of an anti-Christian organization - to rescind an invitation to Franklin Graham to pray at a Pentagon event marking the National Day of Prayer.

Clearly, this decision just compounds the travesty of the attack on the National Day of Prayer.  Just as the National Day of Prayer does not compel anyone to participate in a religious activity, Franklin Grahams simple participation in an event at the Pentagon does not trample anyones constitutional rights.  This is merely the latest in a long line of efforts aimed at stamping out all religious expression in America - with specific focus on Christian prayer.  It must not be allowed to go without response.

We are responding in a number of different ways.  First, we are sending a detailed letter to President Obama and Defense Secretary Robert Gates urging them to re-inivte Franklin Graham to participate in the Pentagon event while providing specifics about the anti-Christian organization behind the complaint.  You can read our letter here.

This is a timely letter as President Obama just met with Franklin Graham and his father, Billy Graham, and prayed with the President.  The President told Franklin Graham he would look into the decision to revoke Graham's invitation to participate in the Pentagon event.  We are calling on President Obama to invoke his authority and direct Secretary Gates to reinstate the invitation.  Please add your name to our Letter of Protest here.

At the same time, we continue to work with Members of Congress as the case moves to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.  We have added 15 Members to the original 31 who signed the amicus brief we filed at the federal district court in Wisconsin, which reached the flawed ruling.  We are working with a bi-partisan group of lawmakers led by Rep. Randy Forbes (VA) - who co-chairs the Congressional Prayer Caucus - to demonstrate the strong and long-standing tradition of the National Day of Prayer.

With our amicus brief to be filed with the Seventh Circuit, we will make aggressive constitutional arguments urging the appeals court to overturn the federal district court decision.

And, as we continue to add names of members of Congress to our amicus brief, we are continuing to add names of ACLJ supporters from around the country who are joining with us and signing on to our Committee to Protect the National Day of Prayer, which will also be represented in our amicus brief.

Stay tuned to Jay Sekulow Live! for updates along the way.

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Standing Up for Prayer

12:00 AM Apr. 26, 2010


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