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Does U.S. Funding Consolidate Muslim Brotherhood Control of Egypt?

Mohamed Mursi

Members of Congress have written a strong letter demanding answers from Secretary of State Clinton and the Obama Administration on why we continue to fund Egypt’s radical government. The letter states:

In the wake of the breach of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo and the nature of the Egyptian response, we are very concerned with respect to the overall direction of the transition on Egypt. We cannot watch one form of authoritarianism go by the wayside in Egypt just to see a new Islamist dictatorship take its place. The rule of the Muslim Brotherhood and other extremist groups in Egypt’s new government is damaging Egypt’s relationship with the United States and with its allies in the region, particularly Israel. That is why it is critical that these extremist groups are not permitted to hijack the transition process and impose a new kind of totalitarianism in Egypt; if they do, the United States should not be funding them.

These Members of Congress raised a number of important questions about the millions of dollars in taxpayer funding that we continue to send to the Muslim Brotherhood controlled Egypt without any limitation.

First, does our funding help the radical Muslim Brotherhood retain power? Second, are we placing any limitation on these millions of tax dollars we send them? Third, why are we giving them our tax dollars in the first place? Fourth, Have we even taken into account how Egypt’s new government treats pro-democracy forces and human rights?

The letter states:

Ultimately, what are the Administration’s policy goals with respect to Egypt? Is it the Administration’s intent to enable the Muslim Brotherhood’s consolidation of power within Egypt? How would providing this assistance not enable their consolidation of power?

What political and economic conditions is the Administration applying to this assistance? What specific actions are you requesting that the Government of Egypt take prior to receiving this assistance?

What is the specific intended impact of this assistance? Are you able to provide a comprehensive analysis of the intended political and economic effects of this assistance?

Will the Administration fully fund secular, pro-democracy activists? What is the current status of the trials for American, Egyptian and international non-governmental organizations? Have you conditioned U.S. assistance accordingly?

It is these important questions that remain unanswered. We send millions of our tax dollars to radical regimes, and we don’t even know why.

If the Administration cannot adequately answer these simple questions, we should not be funding these radical governments. Join the ACLJ in taking action. Sign our petition to Secretary Clinton and President Obama to stop sending our tax dollars to radical regimes.



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10:32 AM Jul. 7, 2011


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