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Anti-Israel Harassment of Student Leaders

By Stuart J. Roth1461092015262

The ACLJ recently has undertaken the representation of Milan Chatterjee, a second year law student at UCLA who has taken a stand against the BDS movement and those who seek the destruction of the State of Israel. As we’ve explained before , the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) movement is...

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Israel: The Canary in the Mineshaft

By Skip Ash1461090835461

What happens in Israel sooner or later reaches the rest of us in the West. Israel is the canary in the mineshaft, serving as a warning to the rest of us that calamities are coming our way. As an isolated outpost of Western civilization in a hostile neighborhood, Israel is the first target of...

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ACLJ Denounces 2nd Anti-Israel Resolution

By Jay Sekulow1460738889713

Israel is being attacked from all sides on the world’s stage. And at every step, the Obama Administration considers turning its back on our most important ally in the Middle East. Last week , we mobilized our offices on Capitol Hill, Jerusalem, Europe, and around the world to stand with Israel when...

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Second Attack on Israel Likely

By Matthew Clark1460411843497

Last week, we told you how the Obama Administration is reportedly plotting to use the U.N. Security Counsel to force Israel into talks with terrorists. Now the situation just got worse. The Palestinian Authority (PA) is shopping around a resolution at the U.N. Security Council that would undercut...

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Anti-Israel Bias at UN

By Palmer Williams1460138779101

Last week the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) released nine reports on the state of women’s rights worldwide, and only singled out one of the 139 U.N. member states by name throughout all of the documents. Did they single out a country where the barbaric practice of female...

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New Effort to Aid Holocaust Victims

By Jay Sekulow1460130962350

As the Islamic State (ISIS) continues its genocidal rampage on Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East, one of the many atrocities it is committing is the destruction and pillaging of irreplaceable artifacts and antiquities. In many cases, the objects being destroyed are far...

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Legal Letters Sent to UN Sec. Council

By Jay Sekulow1460130873715

Immediately after the first reports surfaced of the Obama Administration threatening to betray Israel at the United Nations, we mobilized our offices on Capitol Hill, in Jerusalem, Europe, and around the world to stand with Israel. We quickly prepared critical legal letters to send to each of the...

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New Threat to Betray Israel at the UN

By Skip Ash1459864697641

President Obama is reportedly plotting to abandon Israel at the U.N. Security Council, pressing our greatest ally in the Middle East into an untenable position of weakness. It’s unthinkable. In times of crisis, real leaders lead. They can read the mood of the people and the needs of the time, and...

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Defend Israel; No Talks with Terrorists

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BDS on the Rise on Campuses

By ACLJ.org1458248868842

We have previously drawn attention to the rising tide of the anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) Movement, particularly on our nation’s campuses. As we have explained , the real aim of BDS, which originated as an effort of members of the Palestinian society, is the destruction of...

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UT-Austin Vindicates Israeli Professor

By Carly F. Gammill1457712071144

This is a tremendous victory for free speech against anti-Israel bullying on college campuses. We received news yesterday that the University of Texas has concluded its investigation of a student complaint against our client, Israeli Professor Ami Pedahzur, and cleared him of any wrongdoing,

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Obama's Anti-Israel Actions Are Dangerous

By Carly F. Gammill1456846322389

The Obama Administration’s doublespeak concerning its position on the anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) movement is nonsensical, repugnant to democratic principles, and, frankly, dangerous—to both Israeli and American interests. Israel is one of our nation’s oldest and greatest...

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October 2015

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

By Marshall Goldman1446234633162

King David admonished us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Perhaps we should not just pray for Jerusalem, but for the entire state of Israel. The current geopolitical climate within and surrounding Israel illustrates why prayers and aggressive advocacy are needed. Israel faces immense threats not...

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Violence and Terrorism Against Israel

By Shaheryar Gill1445443091280

Israel, our strongest ally in the Middle East, is facing yet another episode of jihadist violence and terrorism against its innocent citizens. Since October 1, 2015, Palestinian terrorists have carried out more than two dozen gun and knife attacks, killing at least ten Israelis and wounding several...

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Wailing Wall an Islamic Holy Site?

By Matthew Clark1445374240296

In news so bizarre it could only be yet another chapter in the world’s anti-Semitic hate for Israel, a U.N. agency is poised to designate the Jewish “Wailing Wall” as an Islamic holy site. Yes, you read that right. The U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is reported...

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Palestinian Terror Intensifies

By Jay Sekulow1444171281435

In the wake of Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas’ United Nations address in which he announced Palestine’s repudiation of the Oslo Accords , violence has broken out in the West Bank and Jerusalem. With Palestine’s abandonment of the Oslo Accords, the set of agreements between...

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The Impact of the Iran Nuclear Deal

By Matthew Clark1443798002544

The recent nuclear deal with Iran could have a devastating impact on Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made this crystal clear in a mere 45 seconds in his speech before the U.N. General Assembly. In what may be the most uncomfortably long pause for effect in a speech in U.N.

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September 2015

Defund Terrorists at War with Israel


The terrorist-led Palestinian Authority (PA) has just essentially declared war on Israel. PA president Mahmoud Abbas declared that it is breaking the 1995 Oslo Peace Accords with Israel. This has the...

August 2015

Directly Defending Israel at the ICC

By Jay Sekulow1439328431186

Israel – our greatest ally in the Middle East – is taking fire from all sides. At the ACLJ, we’re aggressively fighting back with a multipronged legal strategy to defend Israel’s right to defend its citizens against an onslaught of terror. Through our international affiliate with consultative...

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