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Save Pastor Saeed Abedini – Brazil Speaks

Pastor Saeed Abedini has been imprisoned in Iran since last July, when he visited Iran to help build an orphanage.  Now, people all over the world are speaking out on his behalf.

The Iranian-American Pastor Saeed lives with his family in the U.S. and annually visits Iran. He was convicted for his Christian faith and sentenced to 8 years in a notoriously brutal Iranian prison.  He has undergone incredible torture and is in danger of being killed because of his faith.

We at the CBLJ (Brazilian Center for Law and Justice), the ACLJ’s affiliate in Brazil, have been promoting a campaign in Brazil in support of Saeed to try to free him from prison.  No matter where in the world you are, you too can participate; just sign the public petition at

The CBLJ is very involved in Brazil because Brazil could play a huge role in this case as Brazil did in the Youcef Nadarkhani case. Brazil has over 50 million Christians and many leaders in Congress such as Congressman Marco Feliciano.

Congressman Feliciano made the video above urging the people of Brazil to take a stand for Pastor Saeed.  An English translation of the video is below:

  • Hello brothers in Christ.
  • I am Pastor and Brazilian Congressman Marco Feliciano and I am here to ask for your help.
  • The truth is that a great brother in Christ, an American pastor called Saeed Abedini was arrested in Iran to help with Christian orphanages.
  • Actually his accusations are other, but we all know that it is religious persecution.
  • We need 300.000 signatures to send to the UN and to the Human Rights Counsel so we could ask the UN to intervene this case.
  • He is not the first pastor; we had many other pastors arrested in Iran.
  • The website is on the screen right here.
  • You go online and there you can sign the petition.
  • That way we can help this brother who is in very much need.
  • Saeed Abedini is in prison in Iran and we need to release him.
  • Join us in this campaign, amen!

Not only did he make this plea for Pastor Saeed’s freedom, but he took to the floor of the National Congress of Brazil to urge support for Pastor Saeed. Congressman Feliciano also wrote on his website about the ACLJ’s efforts and encouraged Brazilians to sign the petition at

Pastor Everaldo Pereira, National Vice-president of the Social Christian Party of Brazil, also spoke out about Pastor Saeed.  He said:

  • I am Pr. Everaldo, National Vice-president of the PSC, Social Christian Party and I am in the Save Saeed campaign.
  • Saeed is in prison and was convicted in Iran.
  • Why? Because he is a Christian and practice his Christian faith.
  • So are in a campaign for Saeed’s freedom.
  • You go to the website on the screen, sign the petition, so we can pressure the Iranian Government to release Saeed.
  • God bless you and thank you so much.

We are urging people all across Brazil and around the world to speak out for this persecuted pastor.

Please help us save Saeed. He has a wife and two children who are suffering because of this situation. His testimony could bless and change the lives of thousands of people around the world.  Sign the petition today.

Filipe Coelho is the Director of the Brazilian Center for Law and Justice, the ACLJ's affiliate in Brazil.


American Pastor Saeed Abedini & son

Taking Pastor Saeed's Case to U.N.

9:38 AM Mar. 5, 2013



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