NY Daily News - Saeed Abedini’s Children Send President Obama a Tearful Plea: ‘Please help bring my daddy home’ | American Center for Law and Justice
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By Carol Kuruvilla, NYDailyNews.com

In a YouTube video, Rebekka and Jacob Abedini plead with President Obama and Iranian leaders to help bring their father Saeed Abedini back home. The Idaho pastor is currently serving an eight-year prison term in Iran after being accused of promoting Christianity in his native country. . . .

“Please help bring my daddy home,” 6-year-old Jacob Abedini says in a YouTube video addressed to President Obama. “I don’t want him to miss another birthday or Christmas or Father’s Day.”. . .

The Boise, Idaho pastor is an American citizen who claims he was just visiting his native country to build an orphanage. The American Center for Law and Justice, which represents his family back home, says Abedini is being singled out for his faith. The ACLJ has expressed concerns over Saeed's treatment, alleging that he has been brutally beaten and denied adequate medical treatment. . . .

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