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Filed in: Immigration | 2:18 PM Jun. 27, 2012

Fox News - Is the Federal Government Overstepping Boundaries? DHS Ordered to Stop Assisting Arizona and DOJ Sets Up Hotline to Report Police Officers

Today the Supreme Court of the United States struck down parts of S.B. 1070, Arizona’s immigration law. It did uphold the provision that allows

Filed in: Immigration | 11:40 AM Jun. 27, 2012

CBN News - Immigration Ruling: What's the Ripple Effect?

By John Jessup, The Supreme Court issued a mixed bag of opinions on Arizona's controversial immigration law, striking down three of the f

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Content type: Video | 5:53 AM Nov. 27, 2013
Jordan Sekulow on Fox News: Obama's Latest Remarks on Immigration

Jordan Sekulow joined Sean Hannity on Fox News to discuss President Obama's most recent remarks on immigration.

Content type: Video | 9:15 AM Oct. 9, 2013
Jordan Sekulow on The Blaze Discusses Illegal Immigration

Jordan Sekulow spoke with The Blaze discussing illegal immigration

Content type: Video | 9:46 AM Aug. 8, 2013
Jordan Sekulow on The Blaze: Immigration Amnesty Debate

Jordan Sekulow discusses the proposed amnesty bill on The Blaze\"Wilkow!".

Content type: Video | 6:28 AM Aug. 8, 2013
Jordan Sekulow on The Blaze with Wilkow: Illegal Immigration

Jordan Sekulow appeared on the Blaze with Wilkow to discuss illegal immigration legislation.

Content type: Video | 11:54 AM Jul. 1, 2013
Jordan Sekulow on the Blaze: Proposed Immigration Laws

Jordan Sekulow talks with the Blaze about proposed new legislation surrounding US immigration laws.

Content type: Video | 9:41 AM Apr. 29, 2013
Jordan Sekulow on Fox News Discusses Eric Holder's Comment on Immigration

Jordan Sekulow appeared on Fox News to discuss Attorney General Eric Holder's statements on immigration and amnesty.

Content type: Video | 7:29 AM Jan. 30, 2013
Jay Sekulow on Fox News with Sean Hannity: Immigration Reform

ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow debated the issue on Hannity. While there's growing support for immigration reform, Jay focuses on the existing pathway to U.S. citizenship and the critical need to secure and protect our borders as the first step in an

Content type: DocketBlogPost | 1:45 PM Aug. 24, 2012
Immigration: President Obama Should Uphold the Law, Not Ignore It

The Obama Administration is facing a serious legal challenge over its\"amnesty" immigration program. Ten agents with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have filed a federal lawsuit challenging what amounts to a power play by President Obama -

Content type: Video | 8:39 AM Aug. 24, 2012
Jay Sekulow on Fox News: ICE Agents File Lawsuit Against Obama Adminstration

Jay Sekulow appeared in Fox News talking about the lawsuit filed by Immigration enforcement agents. 10 Federal immigration agents are filing a lawsuit against the Obama Administration stating they are being forced to violate Federal Law. Obama's rece

Content type: DocketBlogPost | 2:00 PM Jul. 27, 2012
Border Security? Agents Ordered to Give Illegal Immigrants a Pass

There's a troubling new development regarding U.S. efforts to protect our borders. The leadership of unions representing thousands of immigration agents now contend that the Obama Administration - specifically the Department of Homeland Security (DHS



Jay Sekulow defends the security of our borders and legal immigration. The ACLJ's legal team continues to stand up for national security and strong border security.