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Students wearing t-shirts with U.S. flag arrive at school in Westminster

Content type: DocketBlogPost | 12:38 PM Sep. 17, 2014
Ninth Circuit Guts Student Free Speech, Upholds ‘Heckler’s Veto’ of the American Flag

This morning the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals declined a request for an en banc hearing in a case holding that school officials could censor students who peacefully wore American flag clothing because those students were violently threatened by ant

The steeple of The First Congregational Church is juxtaposed with fall colors in Sharon, Connecticut.

Content type: DocketBlogPost | 1:50 PM Sep. 16, 2014
IRS Has 99 Problems But the Church Ain’t One

The scandal plagued Obama Administration IRS admits that it has targeted 99 churches for additional scrutiny after settling a lawsuit with the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF). The IRS settlement with the angry atheist group FFRF is shrouded

Content type: LegalDoc | 1:07 PM Sep. 16, 2014
IRS Letter to Congress Targeting 99 Churches

Letter to IRS

Content type: DocketBlogPost | 1:25 PM Sep. 8, 2014
IRS Scandal: Time for Officials to Come Clean, Tell Whole Truth

Another week, another stunning IRS revelation. Judicial Watch released emails last week showing that Holly Paz and Lois Lerner – two of the central figures responsible for the IRS’s systematic targeting of conservative groups – wer


Content type: DocketBlogPost | 11:15 AM Sep. 8, 2014
A Second Christian Student Suffers Discrimination at Maryland College; ACLJ Sues

The ACLJ filed a lawsuit today on behalf of Dustin Buxton against officials of The Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) in Maryland for denying Dustin admission to its Radiation Therapy Program due, at least in part, to his expression of his

Content type: PressRelease | 10:39 AM Sep. 8, 2014
Maryland Student Says Faith Drives Morals, Denied Admission Twice

(WASHINGTON, D.C., Sept. 8, 2014) —Maryland student Dustin Buxton was twice denied admission to The Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC)’s Radiation Therapy Program because of his Christian faith, a new lawsuit alleges, despite hi

IRS Lois Lerner

Content type: RadioShow | 10:19 AM Sep. 8, 2014
Corruption Spreads at the IRS

Not only were Lois Lerner’s emails\"lost," the emails from five other key IRS employees were\"lost," as well. Today, why a special procsecutor is now more necessary than ever before.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) office, Washington, DC

Content type: DocketBlogPost | 12:01 PM Sep. 5, 2014
IRS Conducted “Secret Research Project” with Illegally Obtained Conservative Donor Lists

The latest dump of IRS emails provides further evidence of the nefarious and concerted effort within the IRS to target conservative groups. In an email under the subject line “donor names,” then IRS acting director of Exempt Organization


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