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Persecuted Church

Defend Pastor Saeed and the Persecuted Church – Donations Doubled

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Now is a critical time in the fight for Pastor Saeed’s freedom with the nuclear negotiation deadline looming. We’re demanding no deals with Iran without Pastor Saeed’s freedom. As we continuing working in Congress, at the United Nations, and across the globe for Pastor Saeed and the persecuted Church, we need your support. Have your tax-deductible gift doubled today through our Matching Challenge.

A tax-deductible gift today will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a group of ACLJ Members. Every $10 gift becomes $20 for the work of the ACLJ.

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Time to Demand Saeed’s Freedom

By Jordan Sekulow1416843668858

News is breaking this morning that the deadline for nuclear negotiations with Iran has been extended until next June. This is a critical decision for American Pastor Saeed who continues to suffer in an Iranian prison for his Christian faith. First, Pastor Saeed was not completely abandoned. The...

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Iran Must Show Good Faith

By Jay Sekulow1416334534783

Our nation is entering a dangerous new phase in its relationship with Iran. Its nuclear program is proceeding, it continues to threaten to destroy Israel, it maintains its support for international terror and it is wrongfully imprisoning Americans, including a pastor, Saeed Abedini, merely because...

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Dear President Obama, No Deal with Iran without American Pastor Saeed

By Jordan Sekulow1416239670151

The fight for American Pastor Saeed Abedini’s freedom is at a critical juncture. The Obama Administration is in historic talks with Iran over its nuclear program. At no time in the past 35 years has the U.S. had more direct contact with Iran. The November 24th deadline for these nuclear...

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Saeed Postcards Flood the White House

By Jordan Sekulow1415871480000

With the deadline for the nuclear negotiations with Iran quickly approaching and American Pastor Saeed’s fate hanging in the balance, the effort to highlight his plight to the White House is gaining momentum. Last week we told you about an ongoing effort to blitz the White House with postcards...

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