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Persecuted Church

Free Asia Bibi – Defend Persecuted Christians

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Pakistan has sentenced Christian mom Asia Bibi to hang for “blasphemy” because of her faith. We’re mobilizing our international affiliate the ECLJ and its partner in Pakistan, working with Members of Congress, and demanding the Pakistan government stop this atrocity. Support our work as we fight for Asia Bibi and the persecuted Church with your tax-deductible gift today.

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Christian Mom to Hang for “Blasphemy”

By Jordan Sekulow1413479512925

An appeals court in Lahore Pakistan has upheld the death sentence for a Christian woman, Asia Bibi, who was convicted of “blasphemy” (speaking against the prophet Muhammad) in 2010. As BBC News reports: Asia Bibi was found guilty of making derogatory comments about the Prophet Muhammad during an...

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The Church Gathers to Pray for Saeed

By Jordan Sekulow1412273929914

On Friday, September 26th, 2014, Christians across the nation and all around the world gathered to pray for American Pastor Saeed Abedini and all others who are persecuted for their faith in God. Prayer vigils, both large and small, were held in more than 600 locations and 39 countries around the...

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Condescending Anti-Christian Op-ed

By David French1412103043052

Academic leftists are so used to talking to themselves (and their under-educated students), that they long ago passed the point of even realizing their own ignorance. They delight in their own arguments and their ability to make students “shift uncomfortably in their seats,” yet succeed only in...

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