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Human Rights

Defending a War Hero From Injustice

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Sergeant Martland is a hero. He should be defended not dishonored.

We’re aggressively engaged in a multi-pronged legal effort to reinstate this Bronze Star Medal recipient who defended a child from sexual abuse. We’re sending critical legal letters to the military leadership, veterans groups, Congress, and President Obama to defend this hero who defended a child. We’re demanding policy changes to protect children from sexual abuse and support our soldiers. We need your urgent support today.

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Human Rights

Shocking Action From Obama Administration

By Matthew Clark1455552000000

Sergeant First Class (SFC) Charles Martland could be ejected from the U.S. military at any time. He is a true war hero. He has earned the Bronze Star Medal. This Green Beret has bravely served in Afghanistan – a model soldier in the War on Terror. So why is he being kicked out of the Army? SFC...

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A First Step Toward Victory

By Joseph Williams1455056907870

Light is beginning to shine into the darkness. We’ve written about the rampant and shocking sexual abuse of children happening in Afghanistan (an evil one of our nation’s finest now faces expulsion from the military for confronting). And now, your voices have been heard by a bipartisan, bicameral...

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ACLJ Urges Intervention for War Hero

By Benjamin P. Sisney1454687565520

We’re gaining momentum in our work on behalf of Bronze Star Medal recipient, Green Beret Sergeant First Class (SFC) Charles Martland, who is set for expulsion from the United States Army for protecting a young child from extreme sexual abuse at the hands of an Afghan commander. We’ve reported on...

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SFC Martland’s Removal More Disturbing

By Wesley Smith1454618515414

I read this article detailing the lurid sexual abuse of children in Afghanistan with much pain and shock. It sheds disturbing light on Sergeant First Class (SFC) Charles Martland’s threatened removal from the military for intervening in a similar situation. I witnessed (while living in the Middle...

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