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Filed in: Free Speech   |   by Jay Sekulow   |   3:16 PM Jul. 30, 2014

The IRS Thinks You’re A Terrorist, But Holder Still Won’t Appoint Special Counsel

Attorney General Eric Holder

“Crazies” “TeRrorists” (Yes, spelled like that.) “A**holes.” That’s how former top IRS official Lois Lerner described conservatives on emails sent from her official IRS email account just days after the 2012 election. Corresponding with an unknown person (the name is redacted), she provides her own unique brand of commentary on conservative anguish over the lost presidential election. . . . Continue reading this article on Fox News.... Continue Reading

Filed in: Free Speech   |   by Jay Sekulow   |   3:00 PM Jul. 30, 2014

Not a Smidgen of Corruption? Lerner Calls Conservatives Obscenity, “TeRrorists”

Jay Sekulow at Congress IRS

In the midst of my testimony this morning before the House Judiciary Committee, where the Left continued the tired line that there is no corruption and no scandal at the IRS, a series of new bombshell emails were released from Lois Lerner. Lerner – the senior IRS official at the center of the IRS targeting scandal, the person in charge of the division that was supposed to grant tax-exempt status on a non-partisan basis – emailed a friend in the days following the 2012 election calli... Continue Reading

Filed in: Free Speech   |   by Jay Sekulow   |   7:00 AM Jul. 30, 2014

Testifying Before Congress: DOJ “Compromised,” Justice Demands Special Counsel

Jay Sekulow testifies before Congress regarding the IRS scandal

The IRS conducted a well-orchestrated campaign to target, delay, and silence the Tea Party and other conservative groups. Now the very government agency that was tasked with investigating this wrongful targeting is compromised. Today I am testifying before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary about the immediate need for a Special Counsel – an independent investigator of the IRS targeting scandal. The legal standard is clear for appointing a Special Counsel: when... Continue Reading

Filed in: Israel   |   by Matthew Clark   |   12:29 PM Jul. 29, 2014

Mainstream Media “Fall Over Each Other to Support” Hamas Terrorist Propaganda

Members of Al-Qassam brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas movement, take part in a news conference in Gaza City

It has been well documented that Hamas, a recognized terrorist organization, has been intentionally firing thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians while using Palestinian civilians as human shields, basing their attacks in hospitals, and hiding their rockets in schools. Despite these grave war crimes and violation of any semblance of humanity, the mainstream media has bought into Hamas’s propaganda campaign. The terrorists want to be viewed as the victims, and somehow the media is buyi... Continue Reading

Filed in: Iran   |   by Matthew Clark   |   2:35 PM Jul. 28, 2014

Secretary of State Kerry Highlights Pastor Saeed’s Plight in Religious Freedom Report

American Pastor Saeed Abedini

Secretary of State John Kerry highlighted the plight of American Pastor Saeed Abedini today in his remarks presenting the State Department’s 2013 Report on International Religious Freedom. In his remarks, Secretary Kerry stated: In Iran, U.S. Iranian citizen Pastor Saeed Abedini remains imprisoned. The Iranian authorities sentenced him to eight years behind bars simply because of his religious beliefs. We will continue to call for his release and we will continue to work for it. And ma... Continue Reading

Filed in: American Heritage   |   by Jay Sekulow   |   10:31 AM Jul. 28, 2014

Victory: Ground Zero Cross Can Remain in September 11 Museum


In a decision that represents a ringing affirmation of the presence of faith in the life of our nation, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected the American Atheists’ challenge to including the famed “Ground Zero Cross” in the National September 11 Museum. While the entire opinion is worth reading, two excerpts were particularly important. First, the court unequivocally rejected the most dangerous aspect of American Atheists’ challenge – the argument that ... Continue Reading

Filed in: Radical Islam   |   by David French   |   2:47 PM Jul. 25, 2014

“Nazarene:” A “Mark of Shame” Becomes a “Mark of Hope”

Islamic Jihad militants take part in a training drill in front of media near Gaza city

Earlier this summer Mosul, Iraq – a city American soldiers liberated at great cost in blood and treasure – fell to the radical jihadists of ISIS, terrorists so extreme that even al Qaeda disaffiliated itself from their barbarism. And when Mosul fell, the jihadists did what jihadists do: implemented Shariah law and began ruthlessly persecuting Christians. Their message to Mosul’s Christians was the ancient message of Islam to unbelievers: convert, pay a fine, or die. To identi... Continue Reading

Filed in: Free Speech   |   by Geoffrey Surtees   |   2:03 PM Jul. 25, 2014

Protecting a Church’s Right to Worship

The steeple of The First Congregational Church is juxtaposed with fall colors in Sharon, Connecticut.

We recently received great news in a case we’ve been handling on behalf of a Pennsylvania church and its pastor. The church had extensively searched a Pennsylvania Borough for a place to hold Sunday services. The only available location was a masonic hall, which rents space to various groups throughout the week. The church held services at the hall for a while before the property owners received a letter from the Borough stating that churches were not allowed within the district in which ... Continue Reading

Filed in: US Constitution   |   by David French   |   1:58 PM Jul. 25, 2014

How the Obama Administration’s Lawlessness Will Challenge the Next Conservative President

U.S. President Barack Obama delivers remarks at the White House in Washington on reforming the health care system to reduce costs

As we’re entering the twilight years of the Obama administration, it’s time to begin thinking about the long-term effects of his “pen and phone” presidency, effects that will linger well after the next conservative president is sworn in. During the Obama administration, we’ve learned two troubling facts about our government and the mainstream media that covers it. First, the federal bureaucracy — with its career employees enjoying near-bulletproof job secur... Continue Reading

Filed in: Iran   |   by Jordan Sekulow   |   3:18 PM Jul. 24, 2014

Pastor Saeed Remains Imprisoned in Iran as the World Unites in Prayer for the Persecuted

American Pastor Saeed Abedini remains in a brutal Iranian prison in need of medical care. His family was able to visit him yesterday – the second physical visitation (not behind barriers) allowed in the last two years in prison. Though his family noted some improvement in his heath, he is still in need of surgery for injuries sustained from prison beatings. As Pastor Saeed’s wife Naghmeh explained: Saeed and his mom got to pray together and had a sweet time of prayer and fellow... Continue Reading