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Filed in: United Nations   |   by David French   |   11:05 AM Aug. 21, 2014

Did the U.N. Commit War Crimes in Gaza?

UN building

Yesterday I urged conservatives to challenge jihadists and their enablers in international tribunals, including the U.N. Our ACLJ international affiliate, the European Centre for Law and Justice, sent a letter to the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights detailing Hamas’s war crimes and describing exactly how her accusations against Israel lead to further use of human shields and further abuse of civilian facilities. Today, we escalated our efforts, sending a letter to the U.N. secreta... Continue Reading

Filed in: United Nations   |   by David French   |   4:44 PM Aug. 20, 2014

Conservatives Need to Fight for Israel in International Courts

The United Nations logo is displayed on a door at U.N. headquarters in New York

In remarks last month to the U.N. Human Rights Council, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights indicated there was a “strong possibility” that Israel had violated International Humanitarian Law (a cousin to the law of war) and that Israel’s conduct “could amount to war crimes.” Given that Hamas fighters wear civilian clothes; launch and store rockets from civilian locations, including schools, mosques, and hospitals; and conduct military operations fr... Continue Reading

Filed in: Radical Islam   |   by Jordan Sekulow   |   3:12 PM Aug. 20, 2014

ISIS Beheads an American Christian and Continues to Threaten American Pastor Saeed’s Life

Iraqi Hold sign to Stop ISIS

ISIS militants imprisoned in Iran with American Pastor Saeed Abedini continue threatening his life. Added to the direct threats on Pastor Saeed’s life are reports that ISIS has targeted and beheaded an American Christian journalist. Pastor Saeed again expressed fear about continued threats on his life from both ISIS terrorists and al Qaeda members from within the prison. These ISIS death threats against the 34-year-old imprisoned American Pastor are both because he is a Christian and be... Continue Reading

Filed in: Radical Islam   |   by Matthew Clark   |   1:48 PM Aug. 19, 2014

What Happens When you Ignore Genocidal Jihadists?

Palestinian militants from the Islamic Jihad group attend the funeral of their comrade Mohammed Moamar in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip

ISIS, the largest, most well funded and armed jihadist army we have ever seen, was very clear about their mission. They gave Iraq’s Christians until July to convert or die. Then they began slaughtering them en masse. Now they have a message for America, you’re next. As The Daily Caller reports: The terror group — which changed its name simply to the Islamic State since conquering significant swaths of territory in Iraq and Syria — issued yet another violent threat ... Continue Reading

Filed in: Radical Islam   |   by Matthew Clark   |   1:39 PM Aug. 15, 2014

Iraq’s Christians are Crying Out for Help, Facing Jihadist Genocide

Iraqi Refugees

ISIS militants are engaged in a calculated extermination of Christians in Iraq. The reports coming out of Iraq are horrendous. Christian homes have been marked with the sign of the Nazarene for slaughter. Children are beheaded and even crucified. Christian women are being sold as sex slaves. This jihadist army has unleashed unthinkable atrocities on Christians in the region. It is believed that over 400,000 Christians have been displaced from their homes. ISIS militants gave them an ultim... Continue Reading

Filed in: Iran   |   by Jay Sekulow   |   9:27 PM Aug. 14, 2014

American Pastor facing death threats from ISIS prisoners in Iranian prison

American Pastor Saeed Abedini

The situation for American Pastor Saeed Abedini - being held in an Iranian prison - has taken a terrible and dangerous turn for the worse. Pastor Saeed, who has been imprisoned for nearly two years in Iran because of his Christian faith, is now facing grave new death threats - not from the Iranians who are holding him captive, but from the radical ISIS terrorists who are conducting a campaign of genocide against Christians in Iraq. Our legal team, which represents Pastor Saeed's wife, Naghmeh,... Continue Reading

Filed in: Radical Islam   |   by David French   |   2:14 PM Aug. 14, 2014

No, I’m Not Sorry for Supporting the Invasion of Iraq

US soldiers secure landing zone during operation in northern Iraq

As Syria burns, as casualty rates soar to levels not seen in the Middle East since the Iran–Iraq War, and as a Ba’athist dictator clings to power in part by the use of chemical weapons, it simply boggles the mind that so many Americans seem to believe that the world would be better off with Saddam Hussein — and are so committed to this view that they literally want to shut down any discourse from supporters of the 2003 invasion. Here, for example, is Bill Clinton, dismissing Di... Continue Reading

Filed in: Iran   |   by Jordan Sekulow   |   10:57 AM Aug. 13, 2014

ISIS Militants Issue Death Threats Against Pastor Saeed from Within Rajai Shahr Prison

American Pastor Saeed Abedini

Brutal ISIS militants are issuing death threats against American Pastor Saeed Abedini from within the Iranian prison. The same barbaric jihadists that are perpetrating mass genocide against Christians in Iraq are now targeting Pastor Saeed because he is a Christian and an American. ISIS militants imprisoned in the same ward of Rajai Shahr prison as Pastor Saeed have communicated through other prisoners that they will kill him because of his Christian faith. Pastor Saeed told family members th... Continue Reading

Filed in: Radical Islam   |   by David French   |   3:00 PM Aug. 12, 2014

The ISIS Threat to the United States, in Six Sentences

Demonstrators against ISIS in Iraq

Let’s make this simple, shall we? 1. Al-Qaeda carried out the deadliest attack on American soil in American historyand the most devastating foreign attack against an American city since the British occupied and burned Washington during the War of 1812. 2. ISIS is more brutal than al-Qaeda. 3. ISIS has more financial resources than al-Qaeda. 4. ISIS controls more territory — and possesses more firepower – than al-Qaeda. 5. ISIS has seized uranium in sufficient quantities t... Continue Reading

Filed in: ObamaCare   |   by Edward White   |   10:06 PM Aug. 11, 2014

Another Win in HHS Mandate Litigation

Hobby Lobby

Over the past few years, the ACLJ has represented numerous businesses and their owners in seven lawsuits challenging the HHS Mandate, which requires businesses to include in their health plans coverage for contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs in order to avoid crippling financial penalties. For many businesses and owners, like our clients, complying with the HHS Mandate would force them to violate their sincerely-held religious principles. Before the Supreme Court recently ... Continue Reading