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Matthew Clark

Matthew Clark is Senior Counsel for Digital Advocacy with the ACLJ in the Washington, D.C. headquarters. Matthew Clark has authored numerous articles for such publications as the Washington Post, the Washington Times, and the Washington Examiner on critical constitutional and policy matters facing our nation and the fight for human rights worldwide. He is also a Contributing Editor at Prior to rejoining the ACLJ, where he clerked while in law school, Matthew Clark served as Judicial Law Clerk for the Honorable Walter S. Felton, Jr., Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals of Virginia. Matthew Clark earned a Juris Doctor and Master's Degree in Public Policy from Regent University where he served as the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Regent Journal of Law and Public Policy. He also currently serves as a Senior Research Associate for the Oxford Centre for the Study of Law and Public Policy, which held its inaugural symposium on human rights issues at Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford.

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Matthew Clark

Another Attempt to Remove “In God We Trust”

By Matthew Clark1452800402923

Avowed atheist Michael Newdow is at it again. This time he’s just filed a federal lawsuit demanding that “In God We Trust” be removed from U.S. currency. Think you’ve heard this story before, it’s because you have. Newdow joined a Freedom From Religion Foundation lawsuit with the same goal in 2013.

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Obama Releasing 10 More Terrorists

By Matthew Clark1452722571470

President Obama is relentless in his pursuit of legacy, throwing caution (and our national security) to the wind. Tomorrow his reckless Administration is set to release 10 more “hardcore” terrorist enemy combatants from Gitmo – the prison at Guantanamo Bay. As Fox News reports: The U.S. military is...

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Veto Sends $500 Million More to Abortion

By Matthew Clark1452283934372

He’s the most pro-abortion President in history, and today he once again proved that he cares more about the industry of death than just about anything else. President Obama has just vetoed a bill defunding Planned Parenthood – the largest abortion provider in America – and repealing key portions...

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Planned Parenthood Got a Raise ...

By Matthew Clark1452026897208

Planned Parenthood – the nation’s largest abortion provider – just got a substantial raise in taxpayer funding, yet is “serving” fewer and fewer women. The abortion giant builds its reputation on the supposed “care” it provides women, but pads its bank accounts from abortion. Planned Parenthood’s...

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Matthew Clark

Angry Atheists Demand Hotels Ban Bibles

By Matthew Clark1449005373939

New Abortion Panel Bought & Paid For

By Matthew Clark1446828287038

“Death to America” Doesn’t Mean...

By Matthew Clark1446674031055

Not for President or Congress, Why Vote?

By Matthew Clark1446588501654