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  • Filed in: United Nations   |   by Matthew Clark   |   3:43 PM Dec. 30, 2011

    2011 Victories: Rescued American Christian Missionary from Jail


    This is the latest installment in a year-end series looking back at a few of the hundreds of victories by the ACLJ in 2011. After working with orphans in the ravaged nation of Haiti for eight years, American Christian missionary Danny Pye was detained and falsely imprisoned without explanation or any formal charge against him. For over five months, Danny sat in the inhumane conditions of prison in a third world country – apart from his pregnant wife and young child. Danny’s wife an... Continue Reading

  • Filed in: United Nations   |   by Jordan Sekulow   |   12:00 AM Mar. 18, 2011

    Christian faith at its best

    Missionary Daniel Pye has called Haiti home for eight years, running an orphanage and distributing necessities the Haitian people desperately needed well before the earthquake of January 2010. Five months ago, in Jacmel, Daniel was arrested and falsely imprisoned without charge. He shared a 10 x 12 prison cell with twenty-four other men. Throughout the ordeal, Danielwas separated from his pregnant wife and daughter while experiencing all the inhumane horrors of a third world, post-natural disaster prison. But Danny is a free man today. Less than one week after the ACLJ became involved in his case, Danny was released from prison, just days before his wife is due to give birth to their second child. In October, Danny was involved in a property dispute that was quickly settled in civil court. After both parties reached an agreement in the case, the judge inexplicably ordered Dannys arrest. The reason for Dannys arrest? According to Haitian attorney Osner Fevry, who represented the Pyes... Continue Reading

  • Filed in: United Nations   |   by Jay Sekulow   |   6:00 PM Mar. 16, 2011

    Freedom for US Missionary in Haiti

    It is a fast moving story. I want to share with you that a Christian missionary from Florida - Danny Pye - has been freed from a jail in Jacmel, Haiti where he's been held without charges for more than five months. We have been working with the family for his release. Danny, who's been working in Haiti for eight years, was detained and jailed in October 2010 after resolving a property dispute in a civil court hearing. Without explanation or any formal charges filed, authorities took him into custody after the hearing and he has been jailed since. Danny's wife, Leann - who is pregnant - says she immediately began working to get her husband released, but ran into numerous problems along the way. It's been an emotional rollercoaster for the family. Danny was scheduled to be released from jail on Christmas Eve. A second judge determined that Danny had been illegally detained and signed orders for his release, but before Danny could leave the jail, the judge who initially put him in... Continue Reading