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  • Filed in: Immigration   |   by Jay Sekulow   |   12:00 AM Sep. 20, 2010

    Obama Labels AZ Immigration Law as Human Rights Problem

    The battle over immigration and the challenge to Arizona's sound and reasonable immigration law has reached a new low. President Obama's State Department has filed an unprecedented report with the United Nations Human Rights Council citing Arizona's immigration law as a human rights problem in this country. That's right - the Obama Administration, which is challenging the AZ law in federal court, is now appealing to the United Nations - and to some of the most repressive countries in the world - actually citing the Arizona law as an example of human rights abuses in this country. It is a comparison that is deeply troubling. How can the President compare AZ's law - which protects the state's borders and residents - to a human rights abuse? There's no shortage of legitimate human rights abuses that need to be investigated - including the murder and torture of Christians around the world because of their religious beliefs. To compare AZ's immigration law to a human rights problem ... Continue Reading

  • Filed in: Immigration   |   by Nathanael Bennett   |   12:00 AM Jul. 28, 2010

    Arizona Legal Battle to Continue

    It's a decision by a federal court that is extremely disappointing and one that further harms the citizens of Arizona. By refusing to permit Arizona to move forward and implement S.B. 1070 in its entirety, a federal district court makes it even more difficult for Arizona to protect its citizens and defend its borders. You can read the ACLJ's legal analysis of the decision here. We believe the federal district court got it wrong and in its complex ruling has made it even more difficult for Arizona to protect and defend its borders. We believe Arizona's law compliments federal law and remain hopeful that the appeals process will ultimately produce a decision that underscores the fact that Arizona has a constitutional right to protect its citizens and defend its borders. This decision marks the beginning of a lengthy legal process that will have tremendous ramifications nationwide. As you know, we filed an amicus brief with the federal district court on behalf of 81 Members of Cong... Continue Reading

  • Filed in: Immigration   |   by Nathanael Bennett   |   12:00 AM Jul. 21, 2010

    Defending Arizona

    In a very important move to defend Arizonas and, in turn, every other States right to protect its own borders and citizens. At the focal point: Arizona's new immigration law - which is being challenged by the Obama Administration. And, now a critical amicus brief has been filed, on behalf of 81 Members of Congress, defending Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and AZ state law S.B. 1070. As many of you know, S.B. 1070 simply allows law enforcement officials, when already engaged with a person in the course of a legal stop, detention or arrest, and when reasonable suspicion exists, to ascertain that individuals legal status in the country. It is very much like what happens during a routine traffic stop in any state - when the driver must produce a valid drivers license and registration, and law enforcement conducts a standard background check. The challenge by the Department of Justice to this law is troubling on many fronts. First, the initial charges that the law focused on racial prof... Continue Reading

  • Filed in: Immigration   |   by Jay Sekulow   |   12:00 AM Jul. 21, 2010

    81 Members of Congress Support AZ Law

    As you know, the Department of Justice, at the direction of the Obama Administration, filed a federal lawsuit challenging Arizona's new immigration law set to take effect next week. From the start, we understood that the Arizona law was constitutional and sound - a very effective means for protecting and security its border. That's something the federal government has failed to do. Instead, the federal government filed suit and now we have responsed - crafting a critical amicus brief on behalf of 81 members of Congress. We worked on this brief with the Immigration Reform Law Institute and urge the federal court to deny the federal government's motion for a preliminary injunction against the Arizona law. With this suit, it is clear that the Obama Administration is overstepping its constitutional authority in its legal challenge of the Arizona law. The American taxpayer would be better served if the federal government concentrated its efforts on securing our borders instead of pur... Continue Reading

  • Filed in: Immigration   |   by Jay Sekulow   |   12:00 AM Jul. 6, 2010

    Defending AZ Immigration Law

    It's a disturbing that the U.S. Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit challenging the new immigration law in Arizona. This latest attempt to stop Arizona's law by the DOJ is flawed and represents nothing more than a waste of taxpayer funds. It's troubling that the federal government, which has repeatedly failed to secure our nation's borders, is now attempting to punish the state of Arizona for doing just that. Instead of spending taxpayer funds to challenge Arizona's constitutional right to protect its borders and its citizens, the Obama Administration should secure Arizona's borders and the borders of other states. Arizona clearly has the constitutional authority to protect and defend its borders. We believe that Arizona's new immigration law is both sound and constitutional. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer issued a strong statement reacting to the DOJ suit: "It is wrong that our own federal government is suing the people of Arizona for helping to enforce federal immigration... Continue Reading