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  • Filed in: US Constitution   |   by Jay Sekulow   |   9:16 AM Jun. 28, 2011

    Victory for Children's Home in Arkansas


    I'm delighted to report an important victory for King's Ranch in Jonesboro, Arkansas. King's Ranch is a home for children in need. It describes its goal this way: "to provide a loving and structured home environment that promotes heart healing. Our purpose is to restore their childhood and share with them and others the hope that comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ." We have been assisting this facility for some time. Last year, we filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of King's ... Continue Reading

  • Filed in: US Constitution   |   by Jay Sekulow   |   12:00 AM Apr. 26, 2011

    Approved: Christian Home for Abused & Neglected Kids in Arkansas

    It's an important victory for a Christian organization that provides a home to abused, neglected, and abandoned children in need. I am delighted to report that we have secured a federal court order and decree against the City of Jonesboro, Arkansas for its discriminatory actions against Kings Ranch of Jonesboro. Our attorneys filed suit on behalf of Kings Ranch in 2010 in the Eastern District of Arkansas against the City of Jonesboro for violation of the Fair Housing Act following a series of allegedly discriminatory actions by the City of Jonesboro over the course of two years to prevent Kings Ranch from establishing a Christian home for abused, neglected, and abandoned children in its 4,900 square foot home on approximately 10 acres in Jonesboro, Arkansas. In 2008, the City of Jonesboro refused to issue Kings Ranch the proper permit to operate a childrens home following significant opposition expressed by nearby property owners who were concerned that the home would decrease pr... Continue Reading