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Protect our Seniors and Our Troops 1311696965000

President Obama continues the scare tactics, telling our seniors and our troops that he may not be able to send out their checks if we default.  Today, a discussion of the legal inaccuracies of Obama's statements.  Also, an update from special guest Representative David Schweikert (AZ-5) on what the House of Representatives is preparing to do to protect our seniors and our military.


FBI Probe Influenced By Favoritism?


1477411200000 Evidence keeps turning up suggesting that the FBI probe into Secretary Clinton's emails was influenced by political favoritism and double standards. We discuss this and more on today's program.

New Conflict of Interest in FBI Probe?


1477324800000 The political organization of Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe gave nearly $500,000 to the election campaign of the wife of an official at the Federal Bureau of Investigation who later helped oversee...

Trading Access for Foreign Donations?


1477065600000 Emails show concern inside Clinton camp over trading access for foreign donations. We discuss this and more on today's program.

Who Won the Final Presidential Debate?


1476979200000 Last night was the final Presidential Debate. Who won? How did the candidates handle the issues? We discuss this and more on the program.