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Pastor Saeed's Wife Speaks of "Nightmare" 1361983550000

Iran continues to abuse and torture American Pastor Saeed Abedini.  His wife, Naghmeh, has written a letter detailing the "nightmare" this has been for their family.

Ban Terrorist Traitors from US

1412005825000 American citizens who join ISIS’s jihadist army to wage war on America must not be allowed to return to America. Today how you can take action with us in Congress to defend America.

A Day of Prayer: Saeed's 2 Years

1411736427000 Today marks two years of illegal imprisonment for Pastor Saeed, as over 500 prayer vigils are scheduled to occur all over the world. Today how you can pray and take action to save Saeed.

Pastor Saeed and the Power of Prayer

1411650037000 Tomorrow marks two years of unlawful imprisonment in Iran for Pastor Saeed. Today how you can join prayer vigils worldwide and take action for his freedom.

It's Time to Pray for Pastor Saeed

1411571452000 This week marks two years of Pastor Saeed's imprisonment. It's two years two long. Today how you can speak out and join a prayer vigil near you for Pastor Saeed this week.